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Console Wars 4 :: Microsoft Xbox

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Its big, black & green and its one lean, mean machine. The Xbox is to consoles what nuclear power is to batteries. Is pure power enough to win the console war or does it need more going on?

Console companies have been around for a while. Everyone knows what to expect from them. But Microsoft is the new kid on the block, and oh boy, is it a big kid. It's busting into the console war with the monstrous Xbox and taking no prisoners. Check out how the big, black box holds up to the competition.

I get to pley next! No, I do!
Courtesy of Microsoft

The Power:

OMG! If this thing had any more power it'd need a government warning. It has a 733Mhz brain, a custom designed video card with more firepower than the US Army, a built in hard drive and 64MB of high-speed RAM. Top it off with DVD and HDTV capability and you have one smoking, hot Xbox.
Rating: 51 (out of 5!)

The Games:

The Xbox's games are the strong point and the weak point of the big black box. Big Bill has signed deals with game companies everywhere so the Xbox will have a ton of games. But a lot of the companies (including Bill's) are computer guys, not console guys. Nobody's gonna know if the games are any good until they're out.
Rating: 4

The Price:

The Xbox is a hefty piece of hardware with a hefty price tag too. It's gonna cost you $299 US to get one and that's without the DVD. It's a big price tag for a big machine but if you're looking for serious power it's the way to go.
Rating: 3

The Final Word:

The Xbox is barreling into the game scene like a runaway freight train. It has more power, more games and more money than it knows what to do with. If you're looking for a full home entertainment package then this is the way to go. If you're just looking for a casual game system it's more than you're gonna need.
Final Rating: 4

1This is the best console yet, PS2 and Gamecube are just not as good as this one.

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Nickname: porterm5000
Age: 16
Rating: 5

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