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Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant :: Getting in the Game

Jul 09, 2008

The awesome folks at the Vancouver-based Radical Entertainment are hard at work packing the upcoming [kwlink]Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant[/kwlink] video game full of awesome. To help, they put the word out to the Kidzworld crowd with an incredible opportunity for them to get their art into the new game. Tons of art poured in by email and snail mail, burying Gary under a pile of Bandicoot pictures. After sorting it out, Gary took it over to Radical on his [kwlink]bicycle[/kwlink] and met the team making the Crash Bandicoot game. Here's the scoop on his trip - from the art inspection to the lunch!

Getting Into the Game

The Crash contest gave everybody a chance to create their own artwork of Crash Bandicoot, or someone from one of his [kwlink]games[/kwlink], for the new game. It would end up either in a comic-book in Crash's home, or on the wall of a school Nina Cortex attends that's actually a level of the game! Kirsten Forbes and Yousuf Mapara checked out all the artwork and picked the pieces for the game. Kirsten even emails Crash fans and recognized some of the people who had sent in artwork!

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant arrives in October!Yousuf and Kirsten taking a look at the art. Recognize yours?

Feeding the Bandicoot Team

One of the coolest things about Radical Entertainment, other than the people who work there, is that they have a massive area full of video games and food. They also have [kwlink]Mac 'n Cheese Thursdays![/kwlink] Of course Gary dug in for a plate full of yum.

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant arrives in October!Mmm... Cheesy...

Meet Team Crash

There's a hard-working team of artists, designers and programmers who put the Crash Bandicoot games together and here they are having lunch!

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant arrives in October! These guys and girls make those way-too-tough bosses!

Video Game Artists in the Making

As soon as the chance to get in the game was announced, the online Crash Bandicoot community jumped on it and Crash fans from all over the [kwlink]world[/kwlink] started sending in their creations. Artwork rolled in from the US, Italy, Brazil and even the UK. Now the game is nearly done and will be coming out in October with a bunch of fan-made artwork and their names in the credits as video game artists!

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