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EA NBA Live 09 Camp

Aug 01, 2008

Some of the NBA's best players showed up at the EA Studios in Canada for the NBA Live 09 Camp! Kidzworld was there for the motion capture session!


The NBA Live series have been a long time favorite game amongst basketball players and fans. It was created in 1995 when it was released on Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis. Each year the game gets more and more realistic. The reason why the moves the players make in the game are so authentic is because they are coming from the players themselves who go to the EA Studios for motion capture sessions. This year, NBA stars Tony Parker, Andrea Bargnani, Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy and Andre Iguodala made the trek up to Canada for the NBA Live 09 Camp. Parker, who is a three-time NBA Champion, will be the cover athlete for the game.

Event Recap

On July 29, 2008, the five NBA players and media from all across the world met up the EA Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia. After a brief presentation and press conference, the players headed over to the lounge to test out the new NBA Live 09. All of the players selected are big video game junkies and were enjoying playing the new game that gets released in mid-September. Tony Parker was talking the most trash as he played. After a quick test drive of the game the guys went over to the studio and took body scans and texture photos. The point of that was so players like Parker and Roy will look as realistic as possible in the next NBA Live edition.

After the scans players were made available to the media. There were a lot of Italian TV stations and publications present to talk to rising star, Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors. A lot of press were talking to Tony Parker about his season as well as his personal life - Parker is married to TV star Eva Longoria. Brandon Roy was asked repeatedly whether he thinks the up-and-coming Blazers are going to be a playoff team next year now that Greg Oden is healthy. Roy told the media he thought they had a good chance to make the postseason. Andrea Iguodala is the hottest free agent still available, so many reporters were asking him where he will play next season. He told them, he hoped to resolve his free agency soon and would like to stay in Philadelphia, a team on the rise.

After a lunch, the players headed back to the studio for the actual motion capture event. They all dressed up in the tight black bodysuits with motion capture sensor balls attached. Each player would take turns doing their signature moves that will be put in next year's edition. Like Tony Parker would show off his fadaway 15-footer, while Rudy Gay would do his rim-rocking dunks. All the players also had a lot of fun doing it, as they did a lot of dancing for the player introduction part. With all the technology and authenticity involved, NBA Live 09 promises to be the next best thing to actually being in the NBA!


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