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Monster Lab :: DS and Wii Game Preview

Jul 13, 2018

In a creepy world full of [kwlink]monsters[/kwlink], Baron Mharti's bizarre beasts rule the land like a pack of cartoony Frankensteins. The Monster Lab game for Nintendo DS and Wii lets you challenge the baron by creating your own twisted monsters and sending them out to battle! Armed with over 150 different monster bits, there are more than 100 million monsters waiting for your genius to bring them to life. Get your best mad scientist laugh ready to rock and check out the Nintendo Wii game trailer right here!

More Game Goodness

We have a pile of Monster Lab video game pictures for you, click them to see the larger version.


And, here's a look at the Monster Lab video game for Nintendo Wii, click to download the video!

Mad Science FTW!

Hitting stores in time for Halloween, Monster Lab looks like a cross between LEGO, Pokemon and Final Fantasy - but with more evil laughter. Stay tuned for more news!

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