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Sega Dreamcast, The Matrix and Lara Croft

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

The Dreamcast is going out with a bang. Theres a release date for the Q console, the Matrix is hitting your home turf and Lara Crofts brainiacs are taking you to the beach.

1Sega is determined to have their Dreamcast go out with a bang. The final shipment is heading out before Christmas and there's a very special surprise hidden in it. Sega's Charles Bellfield told IGN: "The last Dreamcast from Sega is worth way more than gold." He's not spilling the beans but it sounds like a big prize.

1Matsushita's upcoming DVD/Gamecube system called Q is already making a buzz. The system looks stylin' and it's almost ready to start taking pre-orders. If you're in Japan, or willing to score a system that can only play Japanese programs, you're in luck. When December 14, 2001 rolls around, you'll be able to score a Q from here.

1What is the Matrix? It's an awesome movie full of big stars and one of them is coming to hit your home turf. Joe Pantoliano (the weasely guy) is signing up for Majestic - the game that invades your life. Majestic puts you in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy and creeps you out by sending email to your real-life account and phoning your real-life home. Joe shows up in video clips as a reporter character. Watch out though, Majestic is creepy and not something for your 'lil bro.

1Sick of winter? Want some sun and fun? Hit the beach with Lara Croft's good buddies, the game designers from Eidos. They're working on Spring Break, a game where you get to run your own beach resort. It's fun in the sun with live music, parties, beaches and hordes of pasty, white tourists. It's the perfect winter game.

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