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The Mighty B! We Got the Bee :: DVD Review

Reviewed by on Feb 25, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

To be a bee, or to be the bee: that is the question. But not for Bessie Higgenbottom. This determined, imaginative, and compassionate gal just wants to grow up to be a hero (of the super kind).

The Mighty B! is buzzing into stores for the first time on DVD! We Got the Bee features eight episodes of Bessie Higgenbottom’s mad misadventures on her way toward becoming the ultimate Honey Bee scout!

Pretty Pretty Princesses

In the title episode, We Got the Bee, Portia and the girls form a wicked band called the Pretty Pretty Princesses so they can play the San Francisco music festival, but with Portia on vocals, Gwen on guitar and Penny taking care of the triangle, there’s no spot for Bessie.

School of Rock

Never one to ignore a challenge, Bessie borrows her brother Ben’s tuba, but the girls are less than enthusiastic, so she looks to Rocky for help. Rocky gives Bessie a crash course in the school of rock that includes listening to the Velour Underground (a reference to the Velvet Underground, a real band from the 1960’s), donning a wicked bandana, and attending a drum circle in the park. Rocky’s band, The Integritones, recruits Bessie for drums, but during the big festival, it’s the Pretty Pretty Princesses who end up needing Bessie after all!

Bee Blueprints

Behind the Mighty B: Meet the Creators and Cast reveals the origins of the Mighty B! It turns out that the show was inspired by an old photograph of writer Cynthia True (who also writes for Fairly OddParents) from when she was six years old. There’s a lot of talent working on this show, like the director Erik Wiese, who also directs Spongebob Square Pants and the show itself was created by the comedian Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live. Amy also does the voice for Bessie!

DVD Special Features

There aren’t many special features, which is disappointing since this show is so funny, but you can sing along with the Running With the Rainbow Unicorn karaoke music video or watch the Bat Mitzvah Crashers original animatic that features some black and white storyboard drawings.

The Mighty Bee! We Got the Bee: Rating: 5

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