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Survivor Africa - Epi 11

Oct 04, 2016

Here's what we learned on this episode of Survivor; Lex is a winning machine and Big Tom is a boozer. Ethan's mom doesn't know him at all and neither does Teresa's husband. Oh yeah, and there is no need to use initials anymore when referring to the Kims - there is only one left.

This episode focused a lot of time on the reward challenge. The challenge was a tear-jerker. Everyone got to see videos made by their family members - and yeah, everyone cried. Even Big Tom got misty. Then, Jeff asked the survivors questions like, what was their most embarassing moment, what body part do they dislike the most, etc. and they had to write down their answers. The same questions were asked of a family member on the video tape. If the family member's answer was the same as the survivor, then they got a point. Lil Kim's mom and Big Tom's wife did pretty good, but Ethan's mom and Teresa's husband might as well have been strangers off the street. Teresa's husband didn't match one answer with his wife. Lex's equally tattooed wife must share his brain - all their answers matched.

So Lex won the Safari Resort retreat. He got Jeff Probst's Visa card to pay for it all and he brought Big Tom along for the ride. Big Tom got big-time drunk after the safari. It was funny to watch in an uncomfortable, glad-he's-not-my-dad, sorta way. The crew back at camp listened bitterly as the two guys went on about their adventures. Kim P's hysterical ranting the night before about never eating any kind of corn again proves that the gang is no longer happy for reward challenge winners, just bitter and jaded.

The Immunity Challenge involved throwing African weapons (they looked like big, curved wooden spoons) at clay pots with people's names on it. The person with their pot left wins immunity. Kim P was way ticked when her pots are knocked off. The funniest part had to be when Lex's pot gets smoked and Kim and Teresa actually jump for joy. In the end, Tom has the best shot and he knocks out Kim J's pot before she can knock out his.

Teresa tries really hard to convince Kim J to vote with her and Kim P against Lex. Her reasoning is simple and makes tons of sense - if they don't start voting out the guys, the guys will start voting them off. But Kim J is a dufus and sticks with her alliance with Ethan, Tom and Lex. They give cute, sweet, fun-loving Kim Powers the boot.

Now the only one worth rooting for is Ethan - and it won't be long 'til evil Lex turns on him too.

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