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Survivor Africa - Epi 10

Dec 27, 2006

There's a lot going on at Magi Moto since two-timing Brandon got the boot. Lions are circling, Lex is way too lucky and Frank finally opens up - too bad it's his final words. Did we mention Big Tom is turning into a big loser?

Ethan and Little Kim (Kim Powers, not the skanky rapper) are up late one night watching over the camp when they hear lions growling. It's a little to close for comfort and a pretty big reminder of exactly where they are. Afterall, lately it's seemed like they were at summer camp - other than the occasional elephant (or Frank pretending to be an elephant) It's been pretty uneventful. It was cool to see some wildlife get kinda upclose-and-personal.

But I'm sure if the lions got a better look, even they wouldn't consider these tribe members a tasty treat. They are grubby and weak and starving. Kim Johnson's legs are swelling up almost as much as Tom's second head... I mean nasty boil. The reward challenge was all reward and no challenge. Knowing that these scrawny peeps couldn't handle anything, physical, Jeff Probst gives them all cash (20,000 Kenyan shillings each) and they get to bid on everything from an ice cream sundae, to a chicken dinner to a full breakfast. Tom and Ethan pool their money and end up winning the breakfast. When Tom sees the ham and bacon piled high on the plate he does a dance chanting "He's a Jew! He won't eat ham!" about Ethan. Tom's happy dance over Ethan's religious beliefs make him unpolitically correct, not to mention a jerk, and the others know it.

The Immunity Challenge is next and it's a thinking man's competition. They each have a staff with colored stripes and they have to go from station to station, reading statements and deciding whether they are true or false. They then pick the ostrich egg that goes along with true or false and break it open. If they guess right, there is a colored strip of leather inside. The first person to collect all the colored leather strips and attach them to their staff wins. Lex beats them all. Again, which means his crazy behind cant be voted off.

Alliances are breaking faster and reforming every five seconds, as people try to figure out who to vote off next. Tom and Ethan are leary of Lex now, since he wouldn't vote for Brandon. Teresa is trying to get Kim J. to vote with her against Ethan. While all this planning is going on, the gang finds time to head to the water hole and take a few baths. Tom helps the girls shower by dumping water down their bathing suits and proves that he's not only a politically incorrect jerk, but a perve too.

In the end, a tearful Teresa ends up joining the others and booting Frank. And Frank, who everyone thought was an uptight misfit, gives a heartwarming speech to his family in his final words. Wonders never cease.

Are you as addicted to Survivor Africa as your were to the other Survivor episodes? and let us know.

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