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NCAA Football, Science Papa, and Ant Nation

Jul 09, 2009

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview NCAA Football 10, Science Papa, and Ant Nation!

NCAA Football 10

The next edition of the college football game is here, and we can finally create our own teams again! Ever since the release of the next-gen consoles, players have had to play as real colleges, but create-a-school is back, and it's online before the game even comes out on the NCAA Football game website! This team builder is big, and the game also revamps the Road to Glory mode (in which you play as only one player on the field) and adds in the option for strategic choices before each game, like telling your team to play a little dirty at the risk of getting a lot of flags.

Science Papa

If you're familiar with Majesco's "Mama" titles (Cooking Mama and Gardening Mama), you will probably think that Science Papa must be a sequel aimed at boys. It turns out that this is an extremely similar game, but from a different, unaffiliated company, which is really confusing. Anyway, Science Papa allows you to perform experiments, dig up dinosaur skeletons, and do all kinds of cool science stuff in a series of minigames for the Wii and DS.

Ant Nation

Ant Nation for Wiiware and the DS lets you build a colony of ants by, well, frying them with a magnifying glass. Thankfully, in Ant Nation, this doesn't kill them, and whatever doesn't kill them makes them stronger! Zapping your ant colony with lasers and sending lightning down upon them only serves to build up their resistance to the cruel outside world full of volcanoes and spiders, so you're really helping them. The game works like a real-time strategy game, as you gauge the right percentage of warrior and drone ants to keep them all alive. It's guaranteed to be the best ant game since Will Wright's SimAnt!

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • July 14th - Science Papa for Wii and DS
  • July 14th - Birthday Party Bash for Wii
  • July 14th - Sudoku Ball - Detective for Wii and DS
  • July 14th - NCAA Football 10 for PS2, Xbox 360, and PS3
  • July 14th - Ant Nation for Wii and DS
  • July 14th - Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships
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