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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Game Q&A :: Cad Bane

Jul 10, 2018

Check out the first in our series of exclusive interviews with makers of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, set to be released on October 6, 2009.

This week we asked associate producer Vince Kudirka about the Cad Bane character in the game.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: republic Heroes

Cad Bane

KW: Who is Cad Bane?
VK: A ruthless bounty hunter from planet Duros, Cad Bane is the preeminent gun-for-hire in the galaxy. No quarry is too dangerous for Bane…if the price is right.

KW: How does he fit into the game's storyline?
VK: Bane becomes involved in the story when he inadvertently hijacks precious cargo from the game’s main villain, Kul Teska. The cargo he steals is something so powerful, that both the Jedi and Kul Teska must race to recover it!

KW: What is his aim in the game?
VK: His goal in the game is to successfully escape with the mysterious cargo he has stolen. He is not, of course, afraid to engage in open combat with anyone who tries to get in his way.

KW: What's his personality like?
VK: Cad Bane is cold, calculating, and fierce. He has no fear of anyone in the galaxy, and will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. The only rules that Bane follows are his own.

KW: What are some his character traits?
VK: Bane is well known for his combat prowess- he is one of the most deadly beings in the galaxy with a blaster. He does, however, prefer to rely on stealth and surprise tactics instead of a head-on fight when possible.

KW: What "equipment" does he carry/have?
VK: He carries twin blaster pistols, which are custom-upgraded versions of BlasTech LL-30 pistols. He’s also equipped with rocket boots, and a versatile pair of wrist gauntlets which serve a both a communicator and tool utility. And of course, he always wears his trademark wide-brimmed black hat.

KW: What went into developing this character for the game?
VK: For the game, we were able to use a lot of the exact same assets as were used in the show. So, when you see Cad Bane in the game, it is almost exactly the same character you see in the TV series. We also worked closely with the show creators to make sure that we accurately captured his character in every way.

KW: Will players love him or hate him - and why?
VK: The great thing about Cad Bane in Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is that you, as the player, must decide whether you like him or hate him. He’s involved in the story in such a way that he’s not exactly a villain, but certainly not an ally, either.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: republic Heroes

Find out more at The official Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes website.

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