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Spider-Man: The Movie :: Game Cheat Codes

Dec 27, 2006

Spider-Man: The Movie is rippin' it up and looking good doing it thanks to the power of the Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox and PC. Now with these game cheat codes you can unlock all the stylin' moves and sweet graphics of Spider-Man: The Movie - even the secret characters and hidden levels.

The best part is that these game cheat codes work for Spider-Man: The Movie on any of the consoles - the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC. All you have to do is punch 'em in and start having fun!

To activate the Spider-Man: The Movie cheats, start the game, go to the 'Specials' menu and choose 'Cheats' from there. You'll be able to enter any cheat code you want. When you enter the cheat properly you'll hear the Green Goblin laugh and the cheat will be activated. To turn off the cheat, enter it a second time.

The first batch of game cheat codes for Spider-Man: The Movie are all about making it look funky. Enter the cheat of your choice and you'll be able to play as a different character, or you'll make the game look wacky. Here are the cheats:

  • girlnextdoor - Play as Mary Jane
  • hermanschultz - Play as The Shocker
  • serum - Play as Scientist
  • knuckles - Play as Thug 1
  • stickyrice - Play as Thug 2
  • thugsrus - Play as Thug 3
  • captainstacey - Play as Helicopter Pilot
  • freakout - Play as Matrix Spidey
  • realhero - Play as Police Officer
  • joelspeanuts - Bighead Enemies
  • spiderbyte - Mini Spider-Man
  • goestoyourhead - Bighead and Bigfeet Spidey
  • chillout - Super Coolant

  • Making Spider-Man look cool is fun, but when it's time to kick butt you need serious cheats. These cheat codes unlock all kinds of extra powers that'll let you blow away the competition in Spider-Man: The Movie.

  • arachnid - Unlocks All Normal Levels, Movies and Gallery Pictures
  • organicwebbing - Unlimited Webbing
  • koala - All Fighting Controls Unlocked
  • romitas - Lets You Skip a Level
  • imiarmas - Enables Level Select
  • dodgethis - Matrix Attacks
  • underthemask - 1st Person Mode
  • headexplody - Enable Bonus Training Levels

  • Another way to unlock cool stuff in Spider-Man: The Movie is by scoring major points. Score enough in the single-player mode and you can get these cool bonuses.

  • 10,000 Points - Pinhead Bowling Mini-Game
  • 20,000 Points - Extra Vulture Movie
  • 30,000 Points - Extra Shocker Movie

  • These cheat codes will let you kick butt, take names and chew bubble gum in Spider-Man: The Movie for PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and PC. Just remember - with great power comes great responsibility!

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