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Get Your Own Copy of Nostalgia: Webcomic Volume 3

Aug 06, 2020

Starting in October 2009 you’ll have a chance to become part of Nostalgia – a new game for Nintendo DS by Ignition Entertainment. And don’t worry if you can’t wait that long to play – Kidzworld has exclusive Nostalgia Webcomic reveals lined up before the game’s launch so you can follow along as the excitement builds!

The Game

Nostalgia is set in an alternate-reality version of 19th-century Earth. You’ll play the character of Eddie, who gathers a group of companions to journey the world in his steampunk-inspired zeppelin. As you fly through open skies you’ll explore mysterious foreign locations, battle fantastic enemies, complete a variety of quests – all in an effort to save the world from evil.


Check out the first couple of pages from the webcomic. If you like it then download the full comic to find out what happens in the Nostalgia Webcomic Volume 2!

nostalgia webcomic volume 3

nostalgia webcomic volume 3nostalgia webcomic volume 3

If you missed the first comic, Click Here to check it out!

If you missed the second comic, Click Here to check it out!