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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days :: Boss Guide

Oct 15, 2009


Hit him while he's underground and he will emerge. Stay back and dodge the sand pillars. When he tries to lunge at you, hide behind a wall and he will hit it and get stunned, giving you time to do some combos. When the stars around his head disappear, move away and dodge the rocks he spits at you, they hurt a lot. He will go back underground and the pattern will repeat.

When he has just over three bars of health left, he will start flying. If he tries to ram you, block and the boss will back off and throw more rocks. Run off to the side and hit the rocks at the Antlion to break the shield, making him fall down where you can dish out major damage.

Infernal Engine

Block to bounce the cannonballs at the archers, killing them. Then, hit the engine until it goes all the way ball. It will bring out a battering ram and start charging up. Use this time to hit it with three or four combos before moving out of the way. Try to make it so that only one archer is left so that they don't respawn. Heal when you need to!

Guard Armor

Dodge his attacks while watching his feet. After six steps, he will stop moving, giving you a chance to hit him on the head. Avoid the arms and legs at this point, because they will block your attack! After hitting him a few times, he will start jumping, making big shockwaves. Hit him some more and he will send his arms and legs out to attack you. Once that happens, you can destroy his arms and legs. Go for both arms first and then both legs. After they are gone, the body will move around. Block the spinning attack and fight back when it is not doing anything.


Block the Tentaclaw's attack to stun them, giving you time to combo them a bit. If you get eaten by the Tentaclaw, you will be spat out of the flower on top. Be sure to glide away to avoid more hits. Every now and time, the flower will spit out a purple mist. Stay away from it or you will get hurt! Kill all four Tentaclaws and Leechgrave will fall down and you can hit him for major damage. In general, fire and thunder magic is good, as are jump attacks.

Crimson Prankster

You need to fight both the Prankster and his clone equally so that you can kill them both around the same time. There is always time between each attack for you to hit him, just watch out for the other clone. If you focus only on one and kill him, the other clone will revive him and heal him up so that they have the same health. However, if they are both almost dead, then when they do this, you can just kill them both at the same time with one attack.

Ruler of the Sky

Prepare for a long fight. Follow the boss closely to avoid the icebergs and hit its tail. Use two-hit combos so that you stay close to it. After you break the tail, stay back and avoid his attacks. Use the mini-map to keep track of where the boss is. After dodging its attacks, repeat the pattern.

After breaking the third tail piece, he will start to make lots of icebergs. Keep moving to dodge the attacks and wait for the boss to rest, giving you tonnes of time to hit him. After a few repeats, he will go down.


This is probably the hardest boss in the game, not because of the attack pattern, but because it has so much health and hits very hard! The fight is similar to earlier battles with Tailbunker and Avalanche. You will need to glide around to dodge the shockwave attack and fireballs. After an attack, glide in and hit him until he jumps, then dodge away. You need to be very good at dodging for this fight. After a long time, Dustflier will go down.


Stay away from Saix at the start of the fight, when he goes berserk, or his roar will silence you. However, don't stay too far away or else he will use his jump attack, which is hard to counter. Instead, run in a circle around him and he will run towards you and attack. Dodge his rush and counter as best as you can. If he throws his sword down, dodge the shockwave and hit him before he can get his sword back.

After hitting him a bit, he will lose his berserk and you can hit him more. His attacks are easier to dodge and counter at this time, but he will eventually go berserk again, but for a shorter time.


There are four forms. The first two forms are easy enough, just dodge the attacks and hit back whenever you can. When Xion jumps up, hit her before she can heal. The third form is harder as Xion's attacks become harder to dodge and hurt a lot. The best thing to do is to level up a bit before fighting her. In the third form, Xion will bring up a fire shield before healing, so you will need to hit her fast! Also, she will often try to heal twice in a row, so be sure to stick close enough to stop both attempts.

In the fourth form, Xion becomes a giant. Take your time to learn her attack patterns, they are easy to read, but will hurt a lot if they hit you. There is lots of time between her attacks for you to hit her, just keep an eye out for her attacks and be ready to dodge.

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