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Space Cowboy: Digital Rock Star :: Bio, CD Review, Video & Discussion

Reviewed by on Nov 03, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

If you’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s platinum-selling album The Fame chances are you’ve heard her duet Starstruck with Space Cowboy, in which you can hear Lady G’s rallying cry: Space Cowboy just play that track!

If you’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s platinum-selling album The Fame, then chances are you’ve heard her duet Starstruck with Space Cowboy (the song also features Flo Rida). If not, just throw on the disc, find the track and listen until you hear Lady Gaga’s rallying cry: Space Cowboy just play that track!.

Space Sounds

So who is Space Cowboy and what defines his sound? Well, this super-producer, instrumentalist and vocalist sure does seem to love his heavy bass, neck-breaking claps, sharp synths and duet vocals (again, to get a better idea, listen to Starstruck). As Lady Gaga’s collaborator and main foil in her intergalactic adventures (if you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out past episodes in the web-only series Transmission Gagavision) and has built a loyal following as an amazing, original musician/DJ/producer.

Earthly Beginnings

Space Cowboy’s story starts in the United Kingdom, shortly after he moved there from Paris, France. Once old enough, he started spinning in sweaty London dance clubs, blending rock with the newer sounds of techno, electro, hip hop and dance. He named his sound Digital Rock and started producing original recordings. It wasn’t long before Space Cowboy’s first album was released, causing chaos in Japan where he was invited to perform at the Fuji Festival. Another album soon followed, including the breakout track Across the Sky.


In 2006 Space Cowboy released his electronic-dance-rock recording Digital Rock, which included an early version of the song My Egyptian Lover. The track caught the eye (or, in this case, ear) of Cherrytree Records in New York - the same label producing the then-up-and-coming Lady Gaga. The label made the intro and the two hit it off creatively.

Studio Duo

Space Cowboy and Lady Gaga decided to meet up in L.A. while Lady Gaga was on tour. That’s when the two artists first got together in the studio and recorded the duet Starstruck, as well as the futuristic Christmas song Christmas Tree. Since then Space Cowboy has been creating the personalized musical sound beds for each of Lady Gaga’s shows AND recording part two of his Digital Rock brand: the album Digital Rock Star.


CD Review: Digital Rock Star

All the songs on this album are new and original, each written by Space Cowboy himself. We love the mix of dance, hip hop, electro and rock, plus the great collaborations featured on the album. Some of the tracks talk about Space Cowboy’s challenges as a DJ. Speaking of which, this November Space Cowboy will join electro hip-hop superstars LMFAO on their national Party Rock Tour!


Video: Album Trailer


Space Cowboy: Digital Rock Star Rating:5

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