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New Super Mario Bros. Wii :: Boss Guide

Nov 30, 2009

Don't you just hate getting stuck on a Boss battle? It can be so frustrating sometimes! But don't worry, you don't have to throw your wiimote at the TV! Kidzworld has all the best hints on how to beat the bad guys!


In both your encounters with Larry, he will have the same attack pattern. Most of the time, he will just shoot a fireball and then jump around. You can easily land a jump or stomp on his head or even hit him with your own fireballs. A single jump or six fireballs will make Larry hide in his shell, where he will move back and forth trying to hit you. Avoid him and, after a while, he will come back out and you can hit him again. After three cycles, he will be defeated.


Roy has all the same moves as Larry plus a ground pound attack. If you are standing on the ground when he land, you will be stunned for a few second! He will do one or two little jumps before doing a big jump and stomp, so time your own jump so that you are in the air when he lands. Just like with Larry, three cycles is all you need.

When you face Roy again at his casle, he will hide in pipes and you will get to play a bit of whack-a-koopa. Again, jump just before he lands to avoid being stunned and then jump on his head. He will hide in his shell and move around a bit before going back into the pipes. If you are fast, you can land an extra hit just as he comes out of his shell.


Lemmy will throw some balls at you before bouncing towards you on his own ball. Jump on the balls that he throws on you and jump on his head three times to defeat him. As you hit him, he will throw more balls at you and the ball that he rides on may get bigger.


After Wendy shoots a ring at you, she will move diagonally and then jump a few times before starting over again. When you face her in the castle, Wendy will fill the room with water and it will slowly drain. If you have fireballs, six hits counts as a single jump. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the room drains enough for you to jump on her again. Jump on her head three times to beat her.


Iggy will jump a few times before shooting at you, which can take some getting used to. Stay high to have an easier time. When you face him at the castle, he will also have chain chomps helping him. Here, try to stay behind Iggy at all times and jump on him. After you land a hit, the chain chomps will move faster, so stay away until you are ready to try for another stomp. Three jumps will finish Iggy.


Morton has the same ground pound that Roy used and also an explosion attack that goes in every direction. After you hit Morton and he goes into his shell, he also moves faster, but you can easily avoid him by standing on higher ground.

During the castle fight, stay away from Morton unless you are trying to hit him as his ground pounds will now make the platforms on either side of him go up and hit the ceiling. Still, three jumps or 18 fireball hits will do the job.


Ludwig will shoot blue fireballs from his wand and also do the ground pound except that he tends to mix up the timing a bit by floating in the air for a while before stomping down. Do your best to avoid being stunned and jump on his head three times to win the fight.

Bowser Jr.

In World 4, Bowser Jr. will fly back and forth in the clown copter, shooting fireballs that curve towards you. Avoid the fireballs and the fires that they make on the ground. Hold a propeller block and spin jump up to the land on the baby's head three times to win.

When you face him in World 6, you will get a vehicle to use too! Fly your ride up and knock Bowser Jr. into the electrical fencing in the room. Do this three times to win.

During the third and last battle against Bowser Jr., he will send mines at you. Ground pound the floor to send the mines right back! Three hits and he will be down for the count.


Bowser will only stay on two spots. He can jump a little and shoot fireballs, shoot five fireballs at once, or crouch and jump up high. If he is jumping up high from the left side, run underneath him and hit the switch.

When Bowser grows huge, run away. His fireballs will open up escape routes for you. Be sure to grab the Propeller mushroom on your way down. At the end of the escape, jump on the switch to beat Bowser!

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