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Nintendo DS Girls Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Jul 10, 2018

Looking for cool Nintendo DS games to give (or get) for the holidays? Here’s a few you can’t miss! These recommendations are based on what we’ve played during the year or currently playing. Whatever the game you choose, it’s guaranteed to be hours of fun for the lucky DS girl gamer in your life!


WireWay is, basically, a combo of physics and cuteness. You control a tiny alien (or, actually, the world around it) in an effort to fling it toward the exit of several dozen stages. When on the ground, the creature scampers along in a straight line and you can only make it jump by tapping it. Once in the air, though, it will grasp any of the elastic bars it encounters and clutch it tightly until you send it flying by dragging the band with the stylus and releasing, catapult style. The difficulty ramps up quickly when more complex stage layouts begin to appear and various monsters stomp around the stage.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop

This totally fun new game from Majesco, which came out October 20, 2009, introduces a whole bunch of new dishes not seen in Cooking Mama 1 and Cooking Mama 2. The recipes range in terms of difficulty from simple lollipops to complex chile con carne (that’s chile with meat, for all you non-Spanish-speakers out there). With these new recipes come new steps that are just as LOL silly and lighthearted as previous versions of the game.

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Our House

Here’s a home reno game with a twist. Your tool belt consists entirely of your stylus, which becomes an all-in-one home improvement tool. You’ve moved into a cottage that’s in need of major remodeling, so you launch your own reno company and take on over 200 projects to earn cash, upgrade your home so you can flip it to the next owner and, ultimately, buy a fab mansion – that doesn’t need any work!

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Cake Mania 3

In Cake Mania 3 Jill the cake queen is back – and this time she’s anxiously prepping for the biggest day of her life: her wedding day. Unfortunately, a mysterious crashes to the floor of her bakery, sending Jill’s entire wedding party and all of her guests back (and, in some cases, forward) in time to various points in history. Now it’s up to the bride-to-be to travel through time, rescue her friends and family members and work her cake-making magic on everyone she meets – all before the ceremony starts!

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The Clique: Diss And Make Up

The Clique: Diss and Make Up requires you to have both an excellent sense of style and great survival skills as you attempt to make it in one of the most harsh and unforgiving environments on Earth – Octavian Country Day School (OCD)! In the game you’ll use your tools – gossip, fashion and wit – to make friends, join cliques, attend classes and even work after-school “jobbies” with a variety of exciting mini-games that let you earn cash or increase your cool. Along the way a variety of challenges and tricky situations make the climb up the social ladder tough including getting invited to one of the hottest parties of the year. Like the fans of the book already know, the only thing harder than getting in, will be staying in!

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TouchMaster 3

Touchmaster 3 is the third in the series and includes 20 different games to appeal to the puzzle lover in everyone. The games are grouped into five categories: Cards, Strategy, Action, Puzzle and Word. You’ll find a nice variety of games within each type from which you can choose, from variations on poker games and the classic Pipe Dream and Qix. You can even share the experience with a friend by playing head-to-head with a fellow DS gamer even if they don’t own the game!

My Baby First Steps

My Baby: First Steps will show you just how far your baby has come since infancy in My Baby. Now 15 months old, you won’t believe how quickly your baby has grown! In this sequel to the original My Baby game, you’ll face the challenge of helping your baby learn how to stand up, walk around, climb stairs and even say his or her very first words before turning three years old.

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Charm Girls Club Games

These games are targeted toward the tween girl gamers out there – as well as any tween girl who’s got a hankering for a virtual lifestyle of her own. The Charm Girls Club series of games for Wii and DS includes My Perfect prom, My Fashion Show and My Fashion Mall. Dive into the intricate world of prom parties, mall management and fabulous fashion! All three games include tons of opportunities for personal customization and keeping your inventory of stuff (fashions, dresses, etc.) in good order! Your main goal is to collect all four types of charms: reward charms, activity charms, multiplayer charms and support charms. To do this you have to access different areas of each game and unlock charms by playing a wide variety of mini games and challenge that range from memory puzzles to resource management.

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