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2002 FIFA World Cup :: PS2 Game Cheat Codes

Dec 27, 2006

Cheating in EA Sports' 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer game for the Playstation 2 (PS2) may be the only way to beat it. Without a handful of cheat codes, hints, tips and maybe even a walkthrough the enemy soccer players can run rings around you and keep your 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer team from getting anywhere near the World Cup finals. Check out these cheat codes and tips for EA Sports' 2002 FIFA World Cup and see if they'll help you get all the way to the World Cup finals with your fave soccer team!

The first batch of 2002 FIFA World Cup cheat codes is for all you lucky kidz with a Playstation 2 Gameshark. The Gameshark, from InterAct, is a lean, mean cheatin' machine that lets you enter all kinds of cheat codes to do all kinds of awesome stuff. Here's the list of cheat codes for 2002 FIFA World Cup.

The Cheat Effect The Cheat Code
(M) Must Be On 0E3C7DF2C68622BB
Team A Score 20 CEA59616BCA99B97
Team A Score 0 CEA59616BCA99B83
Team B Score 20 CEA59612BCA99B97
Team B Score 0 CEA59612BCA99B83
Team A Start W/3 Goals 0EA59616BCA99B83
Team B Start W/3 Goals 0EA59612BCA99B83
1st Goal Worth 3 Team A 0EA59616BCA99B84
1st Goal Worth 3 Team B 0EA59612BCA99B84
Press Select To End Half 0E5A1E78BCA99A81
Press L1+L2 For Team A Win 0E5A1E78BCA99582
Press R1+R2 For Team B Win 0E5A1E78BCA99082

Once you've entered those cheat codes on the Gameshark you'll be all set to rock. But you need to know the secrets to unlocking the extra teams. Here are a few hints on unlocking the extra teams so you can kick butt in 2002 FIFA World Cup.

To Unlock The You Need To
All-African Team Win the World Cup with an African Team.
All-Americas Team Win the World Cup with a Team from the Americas.
All-Asian Team Win the World Cup with an Asian Team.
All-European Team Win the World Cup with a European Team.
All-World Team Unlock the All-Americas, All-European, All-Asian, and All-African teams.

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