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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers :: Boss Guide, Tips, & Tricks

Jan 04, 2010

General Tips


Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers does not have a method for you to max all your stats. Instead, you are supposed to pick and choose which stats to boost so that Layle matches your play style. Since Layle's main ability is picking things up and throwing them, it is highly recommended that you boost up Attack, Range and Focus quite a bit to make certain tasks and battles easier.

Boss Strategies

While you can defeat most enemies by either throwing things at them or throwing them at things, there are a few fights where you will need to use your brain a bit. Here are some strategies for the trickier battles in Crystal Bearers.

Blaze: Do not bothering throwing things at Blaze, as he will often destroy them. Intead, dodge his attacks by waving the Wiimote to roll. Pick Blaze up and throw him at a tree to stun him and then pick him up again and throw him for damage. If Blaze creates a large fire spitting ball, you can actually pick up the fireball and aim it at him or throw it at him.

Malboro: The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the Goblin Healers. Do this by picking them up and then throwing them with the B button. Do not let them use their heal ability or else you will have a very long fight. If you can, grab the Cactaur and have them use their 1000 needles ability, attacking the Malboro's mouth. If all else fails, grab rocks and throw them into the Malboro's open mouth. Do not bother attacking the Malboro's arms unless you want to collect reaction medals.

Hydra: This is sort of an underwater Malboro. Attack all four tentacles with your sword or by throwing stones at it. If you have gotten Excalibur from the Pond's central island, it does a lot of damage here. Use auto targeting to lock onto any tentacles that dodges your attacks. Once the Hydra comes to the surface, grab rocks and throw them into its mouth. After four or five stones, it will start to sink and you will win automatically! Boosting your Range and Focus stats will help tremendously in throwing rocks into its mouth.

Bahamut: When you pick up the rusted sword with Layle, a red target will appear on Bahamut. Hit the red spot three times to move to the next phase. To get the rusted swords, look for the Goblins that shine, indicating that they are carrying the swords you seek. Be sure that after you pick up an object, you press the B button to throw it. Again, increase your Range and Focus stats!In phase 2, you simply need to wait until you see the blue spot on Bahamut and lock on and flick up on the Wiimote.

Demon Wall: If you have gotten the Dorje Earrings, equip them and you can constantly roll into the face of the Demon Wall to deal damage while avoiding hits. with a high Attack stat, you only need three rolls to win. If you do not have the Dorje Earrings, pull up the line of light to stop the Demon Wall from moving and attack as normally. High Attack stats is really needed here.

Other Tips

Here are some tips and tricks for other sticky situations that you may come across in the game.

How to Beat the Beach Bikini Mini-Game: Protect your girl by catching any balls that are about to hit her. Once your opponent gets hit three times, your girl will try to knock her off. At this moment, distract the Moogle referee by throwing a ball at him and then help out your girl by immediately throwing a ball at her opponent while the Moogle referee is distracted. If you managed to win this mini-game while protecting your girl from all balls, you will earn a medal!

Curse Easter Egg: If you are under the "Curse" status effect, hit pause during any cut scene and you will hear a ghastly howl and see ghosts in your photos! If you are creeped out by this, you can cure yourself by going to the Snowy Monastery and visiting the Holy Fountain.

Stop the Thief!: If you get robbed by the small women, you can pick them up and shake them to get your money back. They typically only take 20-30 Gil, so it is usually no big deal. If your wallet gets stolen by monkeys, you can always use your powers to take it back. Be sure to run away so that they can't take it again!

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