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American Idol Recap :: Thursday May 6

May 06, 2010

Lady Gaga shocks in see-through fishnets and Harry Connick Jr. mentors the Idols for this week’s Sinatra theme. Find out who makes the Top 4 in this week’s Season 9 American Idol recap!


  • Big Mike made the judges swoon with his rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight” and Lee Dewyze played it safe with his classic cover of “That’s Life.”
  • Casey James kept a sense of humor about his lousy performance on Tuesday night. Hold onto that guitar, Casey—it sounds like you need it!
  • Lady Gaga debuted her new single “Alejandro” squeezed into a black lace leotard with a massive funeral veil covering her face. Maybe Gaga was mourning the loss of her voice—she sounded awful! But Gaga’s always been about the spectacle anyway and she didn’t disappoint on the outrageous visuals.
  • Harry Connick Jr. performed a medley of songs and received a standing ovation from the crowd. He really stole the show with the hilarious outtakes from his mentoring sessions where he made fun of Crystal’s feather earrings, teased Ellen about her judging and amused the crowd with his voice impersonations.

Who's Out?

Big Mike and Aaron Kelly were in the bottom two, with Big Mike just squeaking by yet again. Aaron looked like he was going to cry before Big Mike pulled him into a bear hug and whispered some words of encouragement. The rumor is Mike told Aaron, "Listen, I want you to be proud. You are a winner, not a loser. You have every right to be proud, and you need to make your momma proud right now. Give everyone a big smile and hold your head up high.”

Aaron has been over his head for a while now, but he sang his way out with a great encore performance of “Fly Me to the Moon.” We'll miss him!

Stay tuned for next week when Jamie Foxx mentors the Top 4 Idols for the Songs of Cinema theme.

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