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Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

May 18, 2010

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is now available in North American exclusively on Nintendo DS!! In Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, the Nintendo DS-exclusive sequel to the beloved Xbox 360 game, players will customize their character for the first time in the series and embark on epic quests to investigate the Shadows’ disappearance and stop evil forces from destroying humanity.

Blue Dragon: Awakened ShadowCourtesy of D3Publisher

“We are offering an exciting, new way for fans to engage in the Blue Dragon world as BLUE DRAGON: AWAKENED SHADOW is very different from its predecessor,” said Peter Andrew, vice president of production, D3Publisher. “Now gamers can not only create their own hero but can enjoy real-time, action role-playing combat and battle with their friends.”
In the game, the player can assume the role of the main character, choose the character’s gender, and customize their look, including hairstyles, facial details, and voice to fit the player's personality. The player can also strengthen equipment, helmet, weapons and armor, which are then visually reflected in the character’s appearance, by combining items through equipment synthesis.

Blue Dragon: Awakened ShadowCourtesy of D3Publisher

BLUE DRAGON™: AWAKENED SHADOW is designed to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS capabilities allowing players to engage in impressive boss battles with up to two friends and earn and trade items via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection in multiplayer mode. Players will be able to attack enemies faster than ever before with upgraded weapons and powerful Shadows, which can be switched for tactical advantages. Players will roam a 3D open world environment across several unique “cube” worlds as they take on formidable Otherworld bosses, complete multiple challenges, and recruit over a dozen characters in their own custom adventure.

BLUE DRAGON™: AWAKENED SHADOW is currently rated E10+ by the ESRB. For more information, please visit www.d3publisher.us or the Facebook page.

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