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Glee Recap: Episode 20, "Theatricality"

May 26, 2010

Twilight and the threat of teen vamps forces Tina to lose her goth look, Rachel finally sings with her mother and Finn shocks everyone when he insults Kurt. Check out all the drama in this week’s Glee recap of episode 20: “Theatricality!”

Twilight Trouble

Principal Figgins is alarmed by a recent attack on one of the school’s nerds. Apparently a group of Twilight-obsessed girls dressed up as vamps and attacked the nerd to get Robert Pattinson’s attention. P.S. Big surprise, their stunt didn’t work!

Courtesy of FoxCourtesy of Fox

Glee Goes Gaga

Figgins decides Tina and her goth look are a threat to the school’s security and orders her to change her look. The all-grey outfit just isn’t cutting it for Tina, so she’s thrilled when Mr. Schuester announces the club will be working on Lady Gaga tunes this week. New Directions dons all of Gaga’s infamous duds—Tina scores the bubble dress, Mercedes wigs out in purple and Kurt stands tall in 12-inch hoof heels!

KISS And Make Up

Meanwhile, most of the Glee guys aren’t into the Gaga look. Instead the guys paint their faces to join the KISS army and rock out with “Shout It Out Loud.” Later on, Puck sings the KISS ballad “Beth” for Quinn and tells her he wants to be with her when the baby is born—and that he wants to name her Beth.

Courtesy of FoxCourtesy of Fox

Football Follies

Tension rises when Burt invites Finn and his mother to move in with him and Kurt. Kurt is thrilled—he’s had a crush on Finn for a while—but Finn is not happy. His homophobic football buddies have been teasing him about joining the glee club. Now they give Finn even more trouble about because he’s living with Kurt who’s gay.

Finn's Shocking Insult

Kurt tries to make Finn feel at home by redecorating their room but the plan backfires and Finn freaks out. Finn is describing Kurt’s decorating choices with a shocking gay slur when Burt walks by and hears. Burt lectures Finn on the history of hatred that goes along with that word and kicks Finn out. Burt promises Kurt that he’ll always stand up for him. Later on, Finn realizes his mistake and dresses up like Lady Gaga—in a red rubber dress!—to show Kurt he’s sorry.

Courtesy of FoxCourtesy of Fox

Rachel's Poker Face

After learning that Vocal Adrenaline was working on Lady Gaga songs too, Rachel, Mercedes and Quinn sneak into a practice to watch. Rachel hears the rival glee coach Shelby perform and finally realizes that Shelby is her mom. The reunion doesn’t go as Rachel imagined and in the end, the two go their separate ways. But not before an emotion duet of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” during which the emotion is written all over both their faces. Oh and don’t worry about Tina. She convinced Principal Figgins that she was a vampire—and that convinced him to let her bring back her goth look!

What did you think of this week's episode? Were the Gaga costumes glorious or gross? Were you shocked at Finn's gay slur? Do you think Kurt will ever forgive him? Let us know in the comments!

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