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Galactic Taz Ball :: DS Game Review

Reviewed by on Aug 27, 2010
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Martin the Martian is stealing Earths scenario to decorate Mars! Spin the ball to make Taz do his hurricane spin and destroy Martins plans!

Galactic Taz Ball is a simple and fun game. You control Taz, the Tazmanian Devil, and his signature hurricane spin that can destroy practically anything in his way.

Mar Martin's Martian Make-Over

Martin and his fellow Martians are collecting Earth's scenery to decorate Mars. Unfortunately, he accidently picked up Taz as well! You goal in the game is to help Taz get back to Earth and bring back all the scenery too.

There are two game modes that you need to master in order to beat the game. The main mode is the 3D action platformer where you move Taz across floating levels. You control Taz using a virtual track ball on the bottom screen. You must control your stylus swipes in order to control the direction and speed of Taz. Each level has a timer, but if you go too fast, you might fall off the stage! If you spin the ball fast enough, Taz will spin and can destroy stuff.

The other game mode is a 2D side scroller where you don't get to control all of Taz's movements. Instead, you can only tell him to start moving, stop moving, and to turn around, Mario vs. DK style. Both modes take a bit of getting used to, but is fun to play with. There are bosses to fight and stuff to collect on each level to keep things interesting.

The Devil on Your Screen

Using the track ball can quickly make your wrist sore. Be sure to take lots of breaks! The game has decent graphics that are true to Looney Tune's style and smooth gameplay animation. There are no cut scenes, however, and the camera can get a bit annoying now and then.

The game is pretty easy and only 5 worlds long. It is great for younger kids and fans of Taz. There are harder difficulties if you want to be challenged a bit more.


Price: $29.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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