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Galactic Taz Ball Exclusive Launch Trailer

Aug 08, 2010

Galactic Taz Ball Exclusive Launch Trailer:

Galactic Taz Ball Game Overview:

When Taz, the frenetic Looney Tunes character, gets caught up in an evil plot by Marvin the Martian, he finds himself in a whirlwind journey of exploration, platform challenges, and puzzle-solving in Galactic Taz Ball. Marvin is on a mission to steal the Earth’s landscape for Mars while hungry Taz is on a journey to find a… giant chicken leg in the sky? Join Taz in this ridiculously lighthearted crusade for the love of chicken across Tasmania, barren deserts, tropical jungles, ice-covered terrain and beyond. Taz just might inadvertently defeat Marvin and save Earth along the way.

Galactic Taz BallGalactic Taz Ball

With two distinct gameplay modes, Galactic Taz Ball provides double the entertainment for kids.

“Overworld” is an action 3-D game mode on the Nintendo DS top screen with unique track ball controls using the stylus on the bottom screen. Using the track ball, players can accelerate Taz into a tornado, moving fast enough to destroy objects and enemies that get between him and the ultimate meal.

“Underworld” permits players to move Taz by prodding, pulling, and pushing him and his surroundings with the stylus. Marvin’s machinery and tools found in the Underworld assist in Taz’s motions, helping players pass each level, getting ever closer to that giant meal. With two gameplay modes and three distinct difficulty settings, players will have a blast running and spinning as Taz in Galactic Taz Ball!

Galactic Taz Ball Game Features:

  • Two Worlds Are Twice the Fun: Two gameplay modes offer two different ways to have fun. In the Overworld, play across floating chunks of Tasmania as you move Taz with the trackball on the bottom screen. After completing an area in the Overworld, Taz falls into the Underworld, where the player must direct him with the stylus in order to get closer to that giant chicken leg in the sky.
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: With three difficulty levels; fun, challenging, or crazy, ranging from fun and light hearted or super challenging - there is something for everyone!
  • Twist Like a Tornado: Defeat Marvin’s army of Martian robots, with the special power Taz is famous for – turning into a tornado!
  • Unlockable Extras: Collect golden kiwi birds and beat time challenges at higher difficulties to unlock extras in each level
  • Unique Stylus Controls: Control the track ball with the stylus to move Taz on the top screen or manipulate Taz and his environment directly with the stylus on the bottom screen

RELEASE DATE: North America: August 10, 2010
PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
DEVELOPER: WayForward Technologies
ESRB RATING: “E” for Everyone
GENRE: Action/Platformer