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Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs Strike Q&A

Sep 03, 2010

Check out our exclusive Q&A with developers of the a new dino game called Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs Strike! We’ve also got a cool trailer and screens for you to view right here on Kidzworld!

Kidzworld: What is this game all about/what’s the story behind the game?

Ubisoft: 150 million years ago the world was dominated by dinosaurs, the most powerful creatures of all time. But the Golden Age of dinosaurs suddenly ended when a series of great cataclysms changed the surface of the planet forever. Survival for these giants has become a perilous quest. Through these natural disasters, chaos has taken over and the fight to become the top predator has begun! As a player, you must dominate those fierce giant creatures or become extinct! In Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike, choose your race; evolve; survive; and fight! Above all, dominate both nature and dinosaurs and become the strongest!

Kidzworld: What system(s) is it for?

Ubisoft: Dinosaurs Strike was built from the ground up with the Nintendo Wii in mind so that players could take advantage of the motion controls while battling. We thought that would be fun for kids and families to play the game together.

Kidzworld: What are some of the game’s coolest features?

Ubisoft: We are excited that the game has some really fun multiplayer offering up to three different modes for up to four players at a time. We will offer “Versus” mode, along with “Tag Team” and “Tournament” play. We also have engaging three-round real-time fights with direct control over the giant dinosaurs. You’ll be able to fence and fight with various combo moves. There is also a personalized fighting style for each of the four families of dinosaurs for more depth of combat (T-Rex has a much different fighting style than Triceratops). And while you are battling, cataclysms and disasters happen all around you so you have to be on your toes. There are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and geysers so you have to watch out for your environment!

Kidzworld: What kinds of dinosaurs can players choose from?

Ubisoft: There are 18 breeds of dinosaurs to choose from (6 of which are unlockable in domination mode). In order to find out which dinosaurs are unlockable, you’ll have to play the game. We think players will love the dinosaurs that we have in the game.

Kidzworld: Are all of the dinosaurs represented in the game real (as opposed to made-up dinos)?

Ubisoft: All the dinosaurs in the game are real dinosaurs with real names. However, the colors, stripes and body upgrades are our own creative touches. Players can customize a real dinosaur giving it funny colors and striped patterns. Players then will be able to name their custom giant dinosaur they just made up. We’re offering players the ability to add a little fantasy twist to real dinosaurs which will be a lot of fun and creative.

Kidzworld: What do you have to do to advance/win the game?

Ubisoft: The game is specifically designed to bring fun to the living room by challenging your friends. In multi-player modes the objective is to defeat your friends in fierce duels. You can also organize tournaments and find out who’s the strongest! For those who would prefer to play single player, we have a domination mode where the ultimate goal is to defeat nine consecutive enemies to become the top predator and the strongest of all dinosaurs. Each victory enables you to upgrade your dinosaur with a horn, fins or bone plates to prepare for the next fight. The domination mode has a difficulty ramp up and has fantastic replay-ability.

Kidzworld: Up to how many players can play at once?

Ubisoft: We thought having 4 player games would be perfect for families that want to play Battle of Giants together. This game really lends itself to take advantage of that and we think players will have a great time participating in 4 player battles.

Kidzworld: What are some of the customizable features of the game?

Ubisoft: There are numerous customization options. Right from the start there are 18 breeds to choose from. You’ll have 12 dinosaurs to begin with and then six additional that are un-lockable. As I mentioned previously, you’ll be able to create your dinosaurs however you like, with 12 different color options, six striped patterns to select and three different body attributes to upgrade in “Domination” (single-player mode).

  • 18 breeds to choose from (12 dinosaurs to begin the game with, plus 6 unlockable ones)
  • 12 colors to apply
  • Six stripe patterns to select
  • Three different body attributes to upgrade in “Domination” mode (single-player).

Kidzworld: Are there any special/un-lockable features in the game?

Ubisoft: Six new breeds of dinosaurs can be unlocked in “Domination” mode. The six breeds can then be customized and used in multi-player mode. We will also have 30 other exclusive un-lockables but we are keeping the details confidential for now. Stay tuned!

Kidzworld: Tell us about the three different game modes.

Ubisoft: For the single player experience, you’ll learn to master the strongest dinosaurs while playing “Domination” mode. In this mode you will have to play through all of the levels to become the strongest dinosaur. You’ll be able to gain and upgrade your body attributes such as horns, plates and feathers and then you can bring your newly upgraded dinosaur into multi-player mode to defeat your enemies. “Versus” mode will be single player vs. the AI. The multiplayer experience will offer three multi-player modes with up to four players being able to play at a time. In this mode you will find versus play, offering one player vs. one player, or two players vs. two players. There is also a tournament mode offering four, eight or 16 participants in around robin tournament. This can also be played against the AI. Tag team mode allows you to team up with your friend and tag to switch between fighters and jump right into the action. Your team then needs to be able to defeat both enemy dinosaurs to win.

Kidzworld: How is this game different from other dinosaur games/combat games?

Ubisoft: Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike is the first and only fighting game with dinosaurs available on the Wii so we are really excited about that. Most epic games have a tiny hero fighting huge creatures. In Dinosaurs Strike, you will fight among giants and embody fierce giant creatures. Opposed to most combat games, Dinosaurs Strike is specifically designed for kids but is fun for adults too! It is a safe game for kids to play so parents have nothing to worry about regarding the game content. Dinosaurs Strike differs from most combat games with its cataclysmic environments that affect gameplay, such as the earthquakes, meteor rain showers and exploding geysers.

Video: Game Trailer

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