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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Q&A - New Toys!

Feb 03, 2012

New Skylander toys are coming to a store near you! Kidzworld catches up with Toys for Bob Chief of Staff, Alex Ness. Check out the entire exclusive interview below!

Kidzworld: Welcome Alex! Skylanders Spyro's Adventure has been doing extremely well. There are reports that lots of characters were sold out during the holidays. Will the more popular characters be restocked in 2012?

  • First off, hello again, Kidzworld, and thanks for having me back.  I’m even happier than the last time too, due to the aforementioned comment about our game doing so well.  It’s been really amazing and you are right that many places are sold out of Skylanders toys right now.  More supplies are coming though, even this week.  Plus we’ve got some new ones coming as well, like…oh wait, it looks like you are asking me about that very thing in the next question. 

Kidzworld: So, what new stuff has come out for Skylanders Spyro's Adventure since its initial release?

  • Back in November, we released what we call Wave 2 of the toys that included 3 new Skylanders characters – Hex, Wrecking Ball, and Dino Rang.  A fine group.  Then on the week of January 16th, we released Wave 3, which includes two brand new characters –Cynder, and Double Trouble – plus a new Adventure Pack called The Empire of Ice.   The Empire of Ice Adventure Pack comes with a new Skylander, Slam Bam, and two magic items.  These guys still haven’t come to my local stores yet and it is killing me.  Despite working on Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure for two-and-a-half years, I’m really excited to get the new toys myself and play with them in the game.

Kidzworld: Can you tell me a bit more about the more recently released characters?

  • I sure can.  Cynder is actually a character from the old Spyro game that has made her way to the Skylands.  She is a dragon from the Undead element and breathes a dark, mystical kind of lightning.  She can also temporarily enter a shadow form and perform a very powerful dash attack, leaving behind these ghosts that continue to attack her enemies.

    Then there is Double Trouble, a crazy tiki wizard that can create clone versions of himself - except that they are half his size and have the tendency to explode the instant they touch anything.  He also has a magic staff that can deliver a consistent beam of energy that intensifies over time.  This can be a super effective weapon in Battle Mode.

    Finally, we’ve got Slam Bam, who comes with the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack.  He’s like an abominable snowman/yeti type of character mixed with a gorilla and has four arms.  As you might imagine, he is a big, strong, tough guy and likes to use those arms to pound his enemies.  It’s kind of like fighting two Mike Tysons at once.  And then if that weren’t enough, he can trap his enemies in icebergs leaving them completely helpless.  Helpless for more pounding.

Kidzworld:  What about the new adventure pack – Empire of Ice?

  • The Empire of Ice is indeed, a very cold and frozen place.  But it wasn’t always that way.  It used to be sunny and warm and even a popular vacation spot until these ogre cyclopes moved in nearby.  They put up a giant wall around their stronghold and that wall was so thick that it literally kept the seasons of spring and summer from entering the village, keeping it stuck in a permanent winter.  If that sounds crazy, it’s probably because it is.  The Skylands can be a strange place for sure and your job in this particular adventure is to help liberate the town from those ogre cyclopes and tear down that wall of theirs, using an ancient weapon.  I’m actually really looking forward to playing this one again so if you are listening, local Target store, please get this Adventure Pack in stock soon.

Kidzworld: Can you tell me about the special items available in the adventure packs?  What do they do?

  • The first one is called the Sky Iron Shield and it is a shield that temporarily protects your Skylander(s) in battle.

    Then there is the Anvil Rain.  It also pretty much is what it’s called.  It’s a giant anvil and when placed on the Portal of Power, it causes a lot more anvils to rain down anywhere your Skylander(s) go.  Why is this a good thing?  Because when those anvils land on your enemies, they get flattened.

Kidzworld:  Are there more updates planned for Skylanders Spyro's Adventure in the near future? What can we look forward to?

  • Yes indeed!  We’ve got more Skylanders coming out – Wham Shell, Lightning Rod, Camo, Warnado, Sunburn, and more!  There is also another Adventure Pack coming out.  When is all this coming out?  Oh jeez, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that.  I don’t actually know when the official release date is.  I’m pretty sure most of them will be out this spring.

    In addition to that, have you heard about these collector’s edition Skylanders floating around out there?  There are some very limited runs of some of the Skylanders toys.  I believe these have been introduced randomly into the stores and are extremely rare.

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