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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 15::Return

Feb 17, 2012

This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 15) John Blackwell returns to Chance Harbor, but Cassie isn’t sure whether she can trust him. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Return” which aired February 16, 2012, to discover what you missed!

Anyone Home?

Cassie decides she has trespassed on Diana’s kindness long enough and lies to Diana and Charles saying that her grandmother has returned from the clinic (although truthfully she just wants to sleep in her own bed). Also, it looks like the boathouse isn’t the restaurant in town after all - Cassie has landed a job as a barista at a local coffee shop and today is her first day. When she gets home though she finds the door to the house is open, and Jake is inside. He tells her he ran over because he saw the door was open and they both discover a circle of ash and salt around her house which can only mean one thing – witch hunters!

Cassie tells Jake she needs no help protecting herself and she leaves, but he isn’t her only visitor. John Blackwell, her father who has been presumed dead until recently, appears at her door. Cassie doesn’t trust him, but decides to meet him later in the day. Adam thinks it’s a bad idea, but Cassie goes anyway. When he asks her for the medallion she immediately becomes suspicious and leaves only to be kidnapped by the witch hunter Eben.


Cassie isn’t the only one walking straight into trouble. Melissa accepts an invitation from Callum to a party, and Diana and Faye suspect she might get into more trouble with Devil’s Spirit and go looking for her, but first they stop by Lee’s to find out the address. Lee insists on coming with them, saying that Callum practices a darker form of Voodoo than he does and Melissa is definitely in trouble. At the party Callum discovers that Melissa is a witch from feeling her power, and tries to lock her in a room to find out more. Melissa convinces him to let her go, finds Faye and Diana and warns her that the creepy doll, or “totem”, Lee gave her is a way of sucking her power away and not to trust him.

Faye tells Lee to take a hike and stay away from her, but he still shows up at her place at the end of the episode to apologize. He destroys the totem under her bed, and even though she’s been warned, Lee seems so sincere about protecting her that Faye ends up kissing him. Just then we see Lee's comatose girlfriend open her eyes!

Blackwell Bonding

John Blackwell returns to his old house (now the witch’s clubhouse) when Jake bursts in screaming Cassie’s name. He directs Blackwell to The Boathouse, but instead finds Eben. Cassie has been strapped to a chair and circled with salt and ash. Jake makes a deal with him to bring him John Blackwell in exchange for Cassie. Jake finds Blackwell at the Boathouse after Adam’s dad tells him to stay away from Blackwell in no uncertain terms. He delivers Blackwell to Eben, but Eben turns the tables on him and tells him it’s Jake he wants instead, Jake surrenders himself and Eben leads him into the woods to kill him. Cassie has been spelled to kill her father and begins encircling him in flames. Adam, Diana, Faye and Melissa show up just in time to free Jake and help Cassie stop the spell she’s doing against her will.

The night ends with Blackwell telling Cassie that he’s sticking around to protect her, and that he has lost all of his magic like all of her mother’s generation. Adam, Diana, Faye and Melissa talk about whether it’s a good idea to trust Blackwell. Jake admits to Blackwell he made a deal to hand him over for Cassie, and weirdly Blackwell takes a shine to him and thanks him for protecting her, it looks like these two are now working together!

Have Your Say

Do you think John Blackwell is really here to help Cassie? Do you think Lee’s girlfriend is out of her coma for good? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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