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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 13:: This is a Dark Ride

Jul 17, 2018

This week on the Halloween Special episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 13) the girls try to have some Halloween fun, but end up at a "killer" party! Read the Kidzworld Recap of “This is a Dark Ride” which aired October 23rd, 2012 to discover what you missed!

Hollywood Halloween

After the discovery that Nate was a psychotic maniac in the last season finale, you'd think that Rosewood would be getting back to a little piece and quiet - think again! The episode starts with the girls chatting about their Halloween costumes (and PLL is known for doing the best Halloween costumes of any show, hands-down.) They've all decided to go as characters from movies, and they don't disappoint with Aria as glam 1920s gal Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby (the book, not the movie), Hannah as Marilyn Monroe, Toby and Spencer as a classic '40s film noir couple and Emily as Barbarella with a dapper Paige by her side. When Spencer gets home she finds Garrett waiting for her, newly out of jail and ready to spill his secrets like he promised, until Toby walks in. In the season finale we saw that Toby was on Team 'A', and has his own reasons for keeping Garrett away, although he says he's protecting Spencer.

Tricked out Train

Everyone is headed to the Ghost Train. Ezra cancels on Aria leaving her flying solo with Hanna, although Caleb shows up incognito under a white mask and there are some cute costumed-couple reunions once aboard, like Paige and Emily finding a corner to pour their hearts out to each other. Noel and Jenna are being their usual despicable selves, and Lucas is acting friendly but shifty as always and taking pictures for the event. Everyone is suprised when when it turns out there's a secret concert featuring none other than pop star Adam Lambert! He even takes some time to chat with Aria after the performance right before she gets drugged by 'A' and stuffed in a wooden crate for rest of the episode.

Garrett has snuck aboard and grabs Spencer to spill the beans outside. It wasn't him who killed Alison he says, but he let Jenna think he did, and later on the night of her death he saw Alison arguing with Aria's dad! Surprise much? Spencer goes to find Aria, and the whole crew realizes she's been missing. While in the crate Aria stabs someone with splinter, so remember to look out for damaged hands when the season resumes in January! Oh, and one more thing, Mona has made a replica of herself and snuck out on Halloween night, so she could be anywhere on the train, since there's clearly more than one 'A' in costume at work - Hanna realizes that A has known she's been secretly seeing Caleb again when his costume double holds her close. Paige saves Spencer from an all-out attack, and the girls find the crate with Aria just in time.

Goodbye Garrett

Back at the Marin household Mrs. Marin and Pastor Ted  have set up a creepy doctor's lab for trick or treaters, but things get weird when the candy runs out and Mrs. Marin encounters a ghostly girl who tries to call home and then disappears. Is she seeing ghosts?

Back on the train the girls discover Aria and Garrett's body in the crate together, and the cops are called. Aria doesn't believe what Garrett told Spencer but he had no reason to lie at that point, and every single person left in the car for questioning had something to do with Garrett. Ezra bursts in looking wild-eyed and we can't help but notice a little guilty, like maybe he know something he Aria doesn't. Noel accuses the liars of making trouble and dragging everyone down with them, and Toby defensively picks a fight with him, pushing him into the iced drink table, when it smashes all the ice and drinks pour onto the ground revealing a funeral body bag inside. Have Alison's remains been found? The very last shot shows the ground where Alison's body was buried behind her house with a hand digging it's way out of the ground!

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