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Top 10 Worst Moments In Sports

Jul 11, 2013

Year after year, sports bring out the best in us and we have a great time enjoying the athletes' amazing performances, however with the good come the bad and every now and then something tragic happens. It's important for all of us to look back at the bad things that happen so we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully try and prevent them from ever happening again. So brace yourself for some pain... here are the Top 10 Worst Moments in Sports:

No. 10: 2004-05 NHL Lockout

NHL GreedNHL GreedCourtesy of NHL

The NHL is one of the biggest money-making sports in the World... hockey fans love the sport so much, children dream of winning the Stanley Cup from the day they are born. So someone's dreams were crushed when the League shut down the 2004-05 season because of money. There doesn't seem to be a solution for this greedy problem either because the NHL lost half of the 2012-13 for the same reason. 

No. 9: Joe Thiesman

Joe's Last GameJoe's Last GameCourtesy of NFL

In a NFL game in 1985, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football, Joe Thiesman of the Washington Redskins, was sacked on a blitz by the New York Giants. Joe's leg broke in half and he would never be able to play football again. This injury was such a tragedy to the game of football and as more and more amazing players end their careers to injury, the referees give huge penalties, suspensions and fines to players who hit the quarterbacks.

No. 8: Baseball Steroids

Barry Bonds BoostBarry Bonds BoostCourtesy of MLB

In the 1990s, baseball was booming homeruns. Mark Mcquire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds were breaking records year after year and because of this, more fans were coming to watch the games. However, it was pretty obvious that these players were using steroids and it has been confirmed by teammates and friends that these players did use steroids. Now that fans know the truth, baseball attendances have plummetted so Major League baseball is cracking down on the players to make sure this never happens again.

No. 7: Tonya Harding

Terrible TonyaTerrible TonyaCourtesy of NBC

Tonya Harding was a firgure skater at the 1994 Winter Olympics that plotted an attack on her American teammate and rival Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya got her boyfriend to hit Nancy with a steel bar over her knee cap as she exited the ice from one of her routines. This act is so dispicable, there is no need to go on about it.

No. 6: Clint Malarchuk

Clint Malarchuk CutClint Malarchuk CutCourtesy of NHL

Clint Malarchuk was a goalie in the 1980s for the Buffalo Sabres. One game he was clipped with a players skate... right in the neck. Luckily he survived the bloody incident, but it was a lesson for all players to protect their bodies more when they play hockey.

No. 5: Pete Rose Gambling

Gambling PeteGambling PeteCourtesy of Time Magazine

Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players to ever play the game. He won the World Series three times and was an all-star 17 times. So it's amazing why this guy chose to gamble on baseball. He had all the money in the World, but he risked his dignity for some more.

No. 4: Zinedine Zidance

Zinedine ZoomZinedine ZoomCourtesy of FIFA

Soccer players are not known to fight... especially the best ones. So when Zinedine Zidance through a torpedo head-butt at an Italian player in the 2012 World Cup Final, everyone was shocked. Zinedine was one of the top 5 soccer players of all-time and now, thanks to a silly statue that France made, he will probably be remembered for his head-butt more than his skills. What a shame.

No. 3: Mike Tyson

Mike's BiteMike's BiteCourtesy of WBF

You would think that rage and boxing go hand-in-hand so it's important to teach boxers to be in control of their rage so they don't hurt someone. Mike Tyson took his rage to catastrophic levels when he bit the ears of Evander Hollyfield in the Championship fight. As a result of losing the match, Mike's frustration took over his sportsmanship and he decided to hurt Evander before he would win the championship.

No. 2: The Black Sox

"Say it ain't so, Joe?""Say it ain't so, Joe?"Courtesy of MLB

The 1919 Chicago White Sox became known as the Black Sox after 8 of the players agreed to fix the World Series so their team would lose. The team was disgusted with the team's owner for benching the players to stop them from achieving records that would increase their salaries. So the team decided to take money into their own hands by losing the games on purpose and win money by gambling on the games through the mafia.

No. 1: Soccer Riots

Liverpool CrushLiverpool CrushCourtesy of imgur.com

Soccer riots happen more than usual, however two riots stand out the most:

  • 1985 Heysel Stadium: Liverpool and Juventus fans poured into the stadium and climbed the rafters to attack each other with stones. The roof collapsed killing 39 people and injuring 600 more fans.
  • 1989 Hillsborough: Apparently Liverpool fans did not learn their lesson as they poured into the stadium again pushing and shoving until 98 people were trampled and killed by a bottle-neck trap formed at the turnstiles that let the people into the stadium... can you believe it?

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