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Pokémon Rumble U: Wii U Game Preview

Aug 19, 2013

All of your favorite Pokémon are back and ready to be unleashed into an epic battle royale! Want to know more about this crazy new game for the Nintendo Wii U? Keep reading the Kidzworld preview of Pokémon Rumble U!

Bring Your Toys To Life!

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are cashing in on the new craze of bringing your collectible toys to life in-game with Pokémon Rumble U for the WiiU. Like Skylanders and the soon to be released Disney Infinity, you will be able to buy individual toys, which are then scanned via an NFC "portal" on the WiiU Gamepad. The big difference between Pokémon Rumble U and the competitors, though, is that you buy the toys blind. You can't see which particular toy is inside the capsule until you open it after purchase.

Have doubles, maybe even triples of Pikachu? Better get out there and find a friend that is in need of a trade! You're always going to be on the hunt for the next Pokémon you need and that is part of the fun! It's not easy being a Pokémon Master!

Some of the collectible Pokémon toys!Some of the collectible Pokémon toys!Courtesy of Nintendo

It must be noted that these collectible Pokémon toys are not required in order to play Rumble U. They are optional and allow for transport of characters, saves, etc.


When I say those above words. I mean it. In-game toy versions of every Pokémon from the hand-held games, Pokémon Black Ver.2 and Pokémon White Ver.2, are making their WiiU debut in Rumble U. Yes, all 649 of them! There will be no shortage of Pokémon variety; all your favorites will be accounted for. Curious to see how Rumble U looks in action? 

Check out the Pokémon Rumble U Game Trailer below!

Pokémon Rumble U is only available through the Nintendo E-Shop as a downloadable game, meaning you can't walk into your favorite local game shop to buy a physical copy. If you want to play Rumble U, you better clear some space on your WiiU hard-drive.

Pokémon Rumble U will be available to download for $18 this August 29th, 2013 on Nintendo WiiU (E-Shop Only)

Rated "E" for Everyone

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