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Harry Potter vs Jim Hawkins :: Ultimate Battle

Dec 27, 2006

Who rules the sky? Harry Potter from the hit movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, has mad skills as he zooms around on his Nimbus 2000 Quidditch broom. Harry Potter is one high-flying kid - but Disney's got some competition for Hogwarts most famous wizard in training. Jim Hawkins from Disney's Treasure Planet movie and Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon game is an airborne wiz as well. When Disney's Jim Hawkins takes to the sky on his solar board he's a high-speed daredevil as he rips it up in the sky and even in the depths of space.

Which one of these two flyboys is the real king of the air? Is it Harry Potter - the Quidditch playing superstar wizard in training? Or will Disney's Jim Hawkins take home the trophy with his space ace solar board? Click below to vote for who you think is the champ!

Who rules the sky, Harry Potter or Jim Hawkins? !

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