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Taylor Swift: 1989 Album Review

Reviewed by on Oct 28, 2014
Rating: 5 Star Rating

On 1989 Taylor Swift shows us that shes come a long way, and gone from country cutie to full-on pop princess! Find out more in the Kidzworld Album Review!


Move over Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift is ready to take the top spot on everyone's pop playlist. shedding her country roots with a new collection of mainstream-ready hits.

Taylor Swift has made the leap from country girl to pop powerhouse on her new album -  a risky move, and it's definitely paid off. On Taylor's last album, Red, both longtime listeners and new fans could hear her starting to make a break from her country roots with pop-inspired numbers like "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together," and "I Knew You Were Trouble." On 1989 she's pulled away from country music altogether and gone for a pure pop sound that blows the competition out of the water. The first single "Shake it Off" was a big hint at what's to come, almost every track is absolute ear candy, although true to her style many of the songs are confessional love songs and all about the angst of romance.

Taylor teamed up with Diet Coke and kittens to promote 1989Taylor teamed up with Diet Coke and kittens to promote 1989Courtesy of Coke

Another big risk Taylor took on 1989 is showing in her lyrics that she's growing up, her love songs are more complicated and mature, unlike "Shake it Off" (one of the peppiest tracks on the album) songs like "Out of the Woods," and "Welcome to New York" have lyrics that aren't just about romance, but also growing pains. Rumor has it that "Out of the Woods," and a few other tracks on the album are about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles (from One Direction.) Some have also claimed that the bitter sounding track "Bad Blood" is about pop star Katy Perry showing her diva side. Taylor not only breaks away from childish feelings in her lyrics, she also goes for a more mature vocal styling on this album, often channeling edgier pop stars like Lana Del Rey and Gwen Stefani.

Taylor in the vid for Shake it OffTaylor in the vid for Shake it OffCourtesy of Big Machine

There's always the chance that you'll lose your fan base when you decide to change your sound and grow into a different kind of performer, but any Swifties out there will appreciate the singer staying true to herself. 1989 may be one of her best albums yet.

Track List

  1. Welcome to New York
  2. Blank Space
  3. Style
  4. Out of the Woods
  5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
  6. Shake It Off
  7. I Wish You Would
  8. Bad Blood
  9. Wildest Dreams
  10. How You Get The Girl
  11. This Love
  12. I Know Places
  13. Clean

1989 Album Rating: 5

1989 is now officially available!1989 is now officially available!Courtesy of Big Machine

Check out Taylor singing "Are We Out Of The Woods" on Jimmy Kimmel Live below!

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