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Top 10 Minecraft Mods!

Oct 31, 2014

Playing Minecraft on PC opens up so many gameplay possibilities that simply aren't available on a closed platform like Xbox or Playstation. The Minecraft community has been busy for years creating imaginative and unique mods that add so many new items, creatures, modes and more to an already seemingly limitless game.

Today, Kidzworld is sharing with you some of our favorites. Check out our picks for 10 must not miss Minecraft mods! Note: Remember to always read installation procedures carefully for each mod. And remember that these are not official packs, so you may encounter bugs or glitches from time to time.

10. MC Helicopter Mod

Find your wingman and take to the skies. Where's Goose when you need him?Find your wingman and take to the skies. Where's Goose when you need him?Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Ever wanted to engage in a little aerial combat in Minecraft? Well now you can. Install the MC Helicopter Mod and you'll gain access to helicopters and jet planes! Take to the skies and deal damage with machine guns, rail guns and rockets. Some helicopters even let multiple players board them. So one player can fly while the other takes position on the side as a gunner. Download MC Helicopter Mod Here

9. Mutant Creatures Mod

Creepers get a creepy new form.Creepers get a creepy new form.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

The night can be a scary and dangerous time in Minecraft. But this mod makes things even more dangerous. Installing the Mutant Creatures mod turns Creepers into 4 legged beasts that walk around like spiders. Zombies are turned into hulking giants that ground smash and Enderman even becomes creepier. Towering over players. This mod would rank higher if the mutants regularly spawned more frequently on their own. 95% of the time you'll be spawning your own Mutants.

Spawn mutant snow golems with the Mutant Creatures mod.Spawn mutant snow golems with the Mutant Creatures mod.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Want to up the challenge? This Mutant Creatures mod is for you! Download Mutant Creatures Mod Here

8. PaleoCraft

Jurassic Park meets Minecraft.Jurassic Park meets Minecraft.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Dinosaurs make everything better, including Minecraft. The PaleoCraft Mod replaces all the animal life with a wide assortment of Dinosaurs. Small, large, docile and deadly. They're all in here. There's even giant prehistoric sharks in the water! For those with a bit of Ross Geller in them, interested in the more reptilian of things. This rad mod won't disappoint. Download PaleoCraft Mod Here

7. Mo' Creatures Mod

So many cute animals... and also snakes.So many cute animals... and also snakes.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Easily the most adorable mod on the list. The Mo' Creatures mod adds an incredible amount of new creatures into Minecraft. There's elephants, horses, tigers, snakes, scorpions, bears, ducks and more. Ever wanted to start your own zoo? Here's your chance. Download Mo' Creatures Mod Here

6. Portal Gun Mod

Fold space on itself with the Portal Gun.Fold space on itself with the Portal Gun.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Valve's Portal is an amazing game with its mind bending puzzles and inventive use of portals. Thanks to the Minecraft community, you can now fold space on itself with your own blocky portal gun. Use portals to travel large distances or just send sheep into a never ending free-fall. You can even create your own head scratching portal puzzles! Download Portal Gun Mod Here

5. Pixelmon Mod

Battle Pokemon with the Pixelmon mod!Battle Pokemon with the Pixelmon mod!Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Turn Minecraft into your own Pokemon adventure with the Pixelmon mod! This mod adds dozens upon dozens of Pokemon into the game and features its own turn based battle system, with multiple attack options. To engage in battle, equip your Pokeball and throw it at an enemy. This mod really flips the classic Minecraft gameplay on its head, making it feel almost like its own game. Download Pixelmon Mod Here

4. Galacticraft Mod

Build your own rocket ship and blast into space.Build your own rocket ship and blast into space.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

One of the most impressive and ambitious mods on the list. The Galacticraft mod lets players build a rocket ship and then blast right out of Earth's atmosphere! Exploring the galaxy at your will.

Drive a buggy on the moon. The MOON!Drive a buggy on the moon. The MOON!Courtesy of Minecraft Community

At the moment you can go to Earth, the Moon, Mars, an Asteroid and a Space-Station. There's even a buggy to drive around and the Moon features appropriate changes in gravity allowing you to jump higher and farther than normal. Download Glacticraft Mod Here

3. Shaders Mod

Make Minecraft beautiful even if it brings your PC to its knees.Make Minecraft beautiful even if it brings your PC to its knees.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

For the graphics junkies out there with a PC powerful enough to handle it - you really do need some meaty CPU and GPU resources. The Shaders mod is a glorious addition to your mod library. It makes Minecraft drop dead gorgeous. Adding incredible lighting effects, shadows and improved and varied depths of field. If you love Minecraft but wish it looked a little more modern, this mod will impress you... Or bring your PC to its knees. Download Shaders Mod Here

2. More Explosives Mod

Blow massive holes in your game world with Nuclear Explosions!Blow massive holes in your game world with Nuclear Explosions!Courtesy of Minecraft Community

Who doesn't like to blow stuff up? Minecraft with its world created from millions of blocks is the perfect game to cause a little destruction in and the More Explosives mod will help you with that better than any other. This mod adds grenades, C4, water bombs, timed bombs and more. The cream of the crop is the Nuclear Bomb, which just decimates your surroundings. Download More Explosives Mod Here

1. Morph Mod

Morph into any creature you kill!Morph into any creature you kill!Courtesy of Minecraft Community

The Morph Mod... This mod is crazy. It allows you to morph into pretty much any creature you kill in a satisfying, real-time effect. Slay a spider and you can morph into one. You even gain the spiders abilities, so you can walk up walls and such. The gaining of abilities applies to all creatures. Kill a bat and then you can morph into one and take to the skies!

Morph into a creature that can fly... and you can then fly also.Morph into a creature that can fly... and you can then fly also.Courtesy of Minecraft Community

The best part about this mod is that it's very compatible with many other mods. So if you have the aforementioned Mo' Creatures mod installed and then add this mod on top of it, you will be able to morph into tigers, elephants and more. Download Morph Mod Here

And there you have it! Our 10 favorite Minecraft mods! Don't forget to check out the new Steam Punk Texture Pack and returning Halloween Texture Pack for consoles.

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