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Why We Love Woozworld!

Dec 15, 2014

What is Woozworld, you ask? It's an Online Virtual World for tweens (anyone 8 - 14 years old), just download the app and become a woozen. So are you feeling "Woozy" yet? Find out more!

What is Woozworld?

Woozworld is an Online Virtual World for tweens and preteens where you can meet, chat, shop, create and play games, start your own virtual business, and even attend live events with the Woozband! This multiplayer virtual world is a whole other online life, and it's available on your phone or tablet - you can get Woozworld on any iOS 7 device as well as accessing it on your computer.

Guess what? Woozworld is also free to join, so you can meet millions of new friends in a safe place, instantly.



Be Who You Want to Be

In Woozworld what you say, goes. You design your own Woozen (your avatar) down to the smallest detail. Check it out, you can:

  • Choose your wardrobe
  • Pick your skin tone and eye color
  • Go to Shopz and buy clothes,  hairstyles, makeup and tattoos!
  • Edit your Unitz by changing the wall color, floor color and even adding furniture

Create your own virtual dream life!Create your own virtual dream life!Courtesy of Woozworld

Go Anywhere

Once you're a user on Woozworld, you'll be joining over 25 million other users, you can visit travel through Woozworld, visiting other Woozen's Unitz, playing games, shop in Woozen-created stores, chat with new friends and even share pics on WoozIn and videos on WoozTube.

You can even vote for the coolest Woozen, and they can vote for you too!

Create a Woozen to match your personalityCreate a Woozen to match your personalityCourtesy of Woozworld

Fun Facts

  • Simple Plan, Greyson Chance, Xzhibit, Deadmau5 and Mindless behavior have all appeared on Woozworld!
  • Your parents will like this: Woozworld has experienced moderators, has a safe & supervised chat tool, and is fully COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.)
  • There are Unitz and live events for: Bratz, Monster High, Harper-Collins, and WowWee 
  • Woozworld has its own celebs, the Woozband - JennyWooz, MaxWooz, MyaWooz, and JayWooz

Visit Woozworld today to meet new friends!Visit Woozworld today to meet new friends!Courtesy of Woozworld

The Bottom Line

Tons of fun and a great way to meet and chat with other people your age, whether you love designing your dream Unitz or can't wait to start your own virtual business, there's something on Woozworld for everyone - and accessing it on your mobile device means the world you've created is at your fingertips anytime! 

Head on over to Woozworld.com to get started.

Play Woozworld from your mobile device or computerPlay Woozworld from your mobile device or computerCourtesy of Woozworld

Kidzworld is visiting Woozworld - don’t miss the chance to hangout in their interactive and fun- filled Unitz to discover all you need to know about this amazing social network. More fun to come with the upcoming Kidzworld Quiz challenge on December 10th!

That’s not all - get ready to meet and greet Kidzworld’s very own advice queen Dish-it at Mya’s special "Late Night Show" on December 19th at 6:00 PM!

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