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Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer, Skyrim Pirate Mod and Google Games

Feb 26, 2015

In game news this week, we’ve got a brand new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the most anticipated video games of the year. It’s also got a rating that is going to make a lot of kids unhappy. We’ve got a mod for Skyrim that adds in pirates and Google learns how to play video games on its own! Check it all out below!

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a New Trailer and an “M” Rating

This week we got a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated and very delayed Batman: Arkham Knight. This is, of course, the fourth game in the series, coming after Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins. All the classic villains are back, including Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two-Face and the Riddler, though we have yet to see the Joker. The game is centered around a mysterious villain and has one major difference from earlier games. This one is rated “M for Mature” so you’ll have to get your parents to grab it for you. In addition, you’ll get to drive around in the Batmobile.

Rocksteady Games will release Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 2nd!

Looks like the fourth game in the Arkham series is going to be a lot darker!Looks like the fourth game in the Arkham series is going to be a lot darker!Courtesy of Rocksteady Games

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer


New Mod Turns Skyrim Into a Pirate Game

If you’re fan of pirates and you, like most of us, are into Skyrim, you’re going to love this next bit of news. A site called Brodual has provided us with a mod that turns the game into Pirates of Skyrim: The Northern Cardinal Under The Black Flag. You can ransack ships, look for treasure and grab new weapons in this short, but awesome game.

You can download the mod here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62844/?.

Arrgh, matey! Here be pirates!Arrgh, matey! Here be pirates!Courtesy of YouTube

Skyrim Mod: Pirates of Skyrim


Google AI Plays Video Games All On Its Own

Well, we’re one step closer to Skynet taking over today. Google’s AI has learned to play video games on its own. Google's DeepMind AI has the ability to beat 49 Atari games all by itself. The crazy part of this is that DeepMind AI learned to do this all on its own! The technique used here was positive reinforcement, something used frequently to train animals and humans. When the computer beat a high score or reached a new level, it got a reward. Anyone else a tiny bit freaked out? Be nice to your toaster or it may turn on you someday!

We’re one step closer to Skynet taking over


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Do you think your parents are going to be on board with the harsher-rated Batman: Arkham Knight? Do pirates belong in Skyrim? Does the new Google game playing bring us one step closer to Skynet? Have your say below!