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Faster Mario Kart 8, amiibo Problems and the Fire Emblem Trailer

Apr 02, 2015

There was a ton of video game news this week and a lot of it is coming from Nintendo. If you guys are Mario Kart 8 fans, you’re going to love the news about a new difficulty level. If you’re into Amiibos, however, you might have a tough time getting them. And wait until you see the new trailer for Fire Emblem!

Mario Kart 8 is Getting a New Difficulty Level

Fans of Mario Kart 8 are going to get a new, harder level of difficulty. Right now, and since the beginning of the game, the Nintendo game had three modes: 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. This week we learned that we’re getting an update that will add a 200cc mode. This is going to be a tough one, so it’s time to start practicing your driving skills.

Things are about to get faster in Mario Kart 8!Things are about to get faster in Mario Kart 8!Courtesy of Nintendo

The update, which will be free, drops on April 23rd. Check out a preview of the 200cc mode below!


GameStop Website Crashes Because of amiibos

Are you guys fans of amiibos? Well, if you want to grab new ones, you might have an issue. GameStop’s website crashed Thursday because of the huge number of pre-orders, including Ness, Robin, Charizard, Pac-Man, Lucina, Wario, Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and the Splatoon pack. Even in-store registers weren’t working. The site is trying to reboot, but it might be a while before you can get Ness, which is exclusive tot he store.

It might be harder than you think to get new Amiibos!It might be harder than you think to get new Amiibos!Courtesy of GameStop

Fire Emblem Gets a Trailer

A new trailer for Fire Emblem was just released and Nintendo says will come to 3DS in North America in 2016. It looks beautiful, but it’s also going to have four version of the game! Seriously! Four versions, two boxed editions, a downloadable edition and a special addition. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, but in the meantime, just watch!

We have no idea what’s happening, but it sure is pretty!We have no idea what’s happening, but it sure is pretty!Courtesy of YouTube


Have Your Say

Are you excited to try to beat your friends win the new Mario Kart 8 difficulty mode? Did you try to buy and Amiibo online and miss out? How pretty do you think the new Fire Emblem trailer is? Let us know what you thinking the comments!