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Splatoon – Weapon Shop

May 11, 2015

Nintendo’s newest franchise, Splatoon, is now available on Wii U. We are counting down the weeks until the launch with weekly Splatoon giveaways and a steady stream of game tips and info on some of the wacky characters, weapons and game modes!

This week is all about the weapons and tips for squids!

Squid Tips: As a squid, you can travel at super speed by swimming through your own ink! Don’t underestimate the power of the ambush. Hide in your own ink color and ambush your enemies as they approach. Looking for the higher ground? Cover walls and ramps with your ink and then change into a squid to easily climb those walls. Your enemies don’t stand a chance now.

Main Weapons:

  • Splat Roller: Its ability to ink the ground while on the move sometimes classifies it as a melee weapon, but you can also swing it to fling ink, making it effective at medium range too! It’s all about knowing when to roll and when to fling!

Splat Roller in action!Splat Roller in action!Courtesy of Nintendo
  • This is the Splattershot! It strikes the perfect balance between power, range, and rate of fire, making it the ultimate all-arounder. Easy to use but highly effective, it’s apparently the gold standard against which all other weapons are measured!

SplatterShot JrSplatterShot JrCourtesy of Nintendo
  • Splat Charger: Ink is pressurized in the tank and then fired off in powerful blasts that are super effective at hitting long-range targets. Sooo sweet!

Splat Charger in action!Splat Charger in action!Courtesy of Nintendo

Sub Weapons:

  • Suction Bomb: A bomb that sticks to surfaces such as walls or the ground. Great for attacking foes loitering on narrow walkways or lurking next to walls.
  • Splat Bomb: the Splat Bomb is a bomb that explodes a short while after you throw it. The explosion can both defeat enemies and ink the surrounding area.
  • Sprinkler: Attaches itself to the ground or a wall and then sprays ink around.

Special Weapons:

  • Killer Wail: Attacks with powerful sound waves that travel in a straight line and go straight through any obstacle.
  • Bomb Rush: Lets you use your bomb sub weapon without consuming any ink for a short while.
  • Bubbler: the bubbler creates a barrier that will protect you from enemy attacks for a set length of time. You can share the effect with nearby teammates too!

Weapons come in sets of 3: a main weapon, sub-weapon and a special weaponWeapons come in sets of 3: a main weapon, sub-weapon and a special weaponCourtesy of Nintendo

amiibo – Splatoon Series 3-Packamiibo – Splatoon Series 3-PackCourtesy of Nintendo

Learn more about Splatoon here!

Splatoon Wii U Video GameSplatoon Wii U Video GameCourtesy of Nintendo

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