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DIY School Supplies

Aug 15, 2019

Feeling crafty? Before you head back to school, bust out the scissors and glue and personalize your school supplies!

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint can be used to personalize just about anything, it's easy apply, and you can buy it at pretty much any old craft or paint store! Remember to buy a paint brush you're not too attached too though, it's not always easy to wash off. Here are a few ideas:

  • Paint mason jars, mugs or recycled cans and use them as pen holders
  • Paint placemats so you can draw or do homework 
  • Paint an area on your wall and use it as a calendar, reminder board or to-do list

Chalkboard paint makes organizing funChalkboard paint makes organizing fun

No-Sew Felt Pencil Case

This is an easy DIY project, and at the end you can roll it up and pop it in your bag (no adding zippers or buttons.) All you need is a piece of felt, a ruler, a little ribbon and a little concentration. Measure the spaces evenly, mark with a pencil and ask your parents for help with the cutting.

Just measure, snip and roll!Just measure, snip and roll!

Washi Tape

Ever heard of washi tape? They're decorative printed roles of tape from Japan, and you can find them in tons of craft stores. Washi tape is a cute easy way to personalize any of your supplies - we recommend starting small with pencils (but we guarantee once you get started, you'll want to put this stuff everywhere!) 

Washi Tape: pretty and pretty easyWashi Tape: pretty and pretty easy

Covered Text Books

Covering your textbooks is a good way to keep them in good condition, and make sure that you don't mix them up with anyone else's or get them stolen. Not sure what to cover it with? Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Use freezer paper and decorate after with your own drawings
  • Cover with old maps
  • Wrapping paper
  • Construction paper

Cover books with freezer paper and design it yourselfCover books with freezer paper and design it yourself

It's pretty close to wrapping a present, once you've secured the book on both sides and taped the corners in, you'll probably have to do a little trimming on the top and bottom.

Add extra layers to make pocketsAdd extra layers to make pockets

Pssst! Want to make your new textbooks extra useful? Add an extra sheet of paper on top, lower down, an create a pocket for holding notes and pens!

Have Your Say

How do you make your school supplies stand out? Do you DIY? Let us know in the comments section below.