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Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts Tease and The Taken King Raid Trailer

Sep 18, 2015

This week in video game news, a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV shows us the history behind main characters Noctis and Luna, a new English language tease for Kingdom Hearts has hit the net, and a new trailer for tomorrow’s Destiny: The Taken King raid “King’s Fall!” Check out all the news below!

Final Fantasy XV Gets a New Trailer

This week we got a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, called “Dawn 2.0.” It gives us a look at the main characters Noctis and Luna and how their destiny was sealed beginning fifteen years before. In the game, the war has a possible ending. If Luna and Noctis marry and unite the nations of Lucis and Niflheim, there will be peace. However, Noctis disappears when the treaty is about to be signed. Uh oh.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to be released next year.

Are you ready for Final Fantasy XV?Are you ready for Final Fantasy XV?Courtesy of Square Enix

FINAL FANTASY XV - Dawn 2.0 Trailer


New Teaser for Kingdom Hearts Final Chapter

Today we have a new English language teaser for the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts. According to YouTube, this is the prologue for the game. Here is the info: ““The complete Kingdom Hearts saga to date is now in HD! Introducing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, which contains the newly remastered Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, the cinematics from Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi , and a special all new chapter taking place after the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Coming 2016!” Are you ready?

Here’s a peek at the next chapter of Kingdom Hearts!Here’s a peek at the next chapter of Kingdom Hearts!Courtesy of Square Enix



New Trailer for Destiny: The Taken King “King’s Fall” Raid

We have a new trailer for the next bit of awesomeness from Destiny: The Taken King’s newest raid, “King’s Fall.” Wait until you see what’s awaiting you on the Dreadnaught! Oryx isn’t very happy with the Guardians. Check it out below. The newest raid is now available.

It’s time for The Taken King raid!It’s time for The Taken King raid!Courtesy of Activision

Destiny: The Taken King - King's Fall Raid Teaser


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