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The Sims Online :: PC Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

The Sims hit the web with The Sims Online! Can the new Sims game kick butt? Kidzworlds Gary reviews it here!

Are you a Sim-oholic? Do you have all of The Sims game cheat codes memorized? Do you own The Sims, The Sims Livin' Large, The Sims House Party, The Sims Hot Date and every other Sims game you can get your hands on? Well, now you can play your fave game online with The Sims Online. It takes all your fave stuff about The Sims and lets you share it with an internet full of new people you can chat with, invite to parties and show off all the cool stuff your Sim has.

Well, that's how The Sims Online is supposed to work ...

Unfortunately, there's a bunch of stuff that is supposed to be in The Sims Online that isn't yet. There aren't enough things to buy and you'll have to spend a ton of time making simoleons for your Sim so you'll be able to buy the cool stuff. Spend hours making virtual money? I'd rather work at McD's and make some real money!

The Sims Online isn't too bad, though. The classic game is still there and you can have lots of fun. You can hook up with new people, join parties, play games, build your own home and all kinds of stuff. With The Sims Online, you really can be someone totally different


The good news is that the game geeks at Electronic Arts are working on making more cool stuff for The Sims Online. After a few months The Sims Online will be packed full of cool, new stuff to spend your simoleons on - new people to chat with and more parties than an *NSYNC tour! Give The Sims Online a few months and it'll be great, but right now stick to The Sims offline.

How Hard Is The Sims Online?

It takes about 30 minutes to learn the commands but there's no way to "lose."

The Sims Online Age Rating:

The Sims Online Thumbs Up:

  • No Credit Card? Buy a game card and enter the code!
  • It's all about meeting tons of new peeps.
  • Build your very own party house!
  • It'll get even better over time.

  • The Sims Online Thumbs Down:

  • It's not finished yet!
  • Making simoleons to buy stuff is totally boring.
  • Better graphics would be nice...
  • It's like Electronic Arts rushed to get The Sims Online out in time for Christmas 2002!

  • The Sims Online Game Rating:


    PC - Windows, 500Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, CD-ROM, 2MB Video Card, 1.6 Gigs of HD Space, Internet Access.

    1This is cool!

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: avril_lavigne_im
    Age: 11

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