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The Sims Online and Gamecube Price Drop

Dec 27, 2006

The Sims is a wicked series of games from Electronic Arts that lets you create your very own Sim person and control their virtual life. The game started out as The Sims but then grew into a whole series that includes The Sims Deluxe Edition, The Sims House Party, The Sims Vacation, The Sims Livin' Large, The Sims Hot Date and The Sims Unleashed. Now The Sims is taking its biggest step ever with The Sims Online.

In The Sims Online you'll be able to make a Sim, pick a city to live in, build a house and do all the stuff you could do in the regular Sim games - but everyone you see is a real person! There are no computer people in The Sims Online. Everyone is a human who's logged onto their computer. The Sims Online is all about having your Sim Person throw parties, buy cool new stuff and chill out online. The Sims Online even sets up a website for your Sim characters so you can show them to friends and see who has the coolest Sim character.

The Sims Online hits stores on December 17, 2002 but if you can't wait until then, check out the free beta version download of The Sims Online. You'll need your 'rents' help to download a copy of the game, and it's huge, but it'll let you play the beta test version for free!

Free download of The Sims Online

Nintendo is cutting prices so you can score a Gamecube, and games, this holiday - and get cash back with a mail-in coupon. The deal is only from December 8th to the 14th but it's a steal cuz you can save $25 US ($30 Cdn) on a Gamecube plus $5 US ($10 Cdn) on Gamecube games. You can pick up games like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and more! Get it while you can cuz this deal won't last long!

If you're in the US you can get your mail-in coupons from www.nintendo.com

If you're in Canada, the coupons are in newspapers and at stores!

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