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Halloween Costumes That Stand Out!

Oct 13, 2016

Tired of showing up at the Halloween dance and realizing that at least one other person is wearing the same costume as you? It's a common problem at this time of year; most of us are inspired by similar trends when we create our Halloween outfits. It's not a big deal to have the same costume as someone else. It might even be fun sometimes! If you're looking for something a little different, though, check out the following costumes! 

Comic Book Costume

In the 1950s and 1960s, pulp comic books were quite popular. These often featured dramatic storylines similar to the kind of thing you would see in soap operas today. Comics at that time used Ben-Day dots to add color, which later inspired artist Roy Lichtenstein to create a specific pop art look that you don't often see today. Adopting the style of the characters in these comics makes for a unique retro costume! You can just do the makeup and wear whatever you like, or you can go the extra mile and wear period-specific clothes (think sweater sets and suits). This costume would be great for any gender. 

Stun the crowd with this unique costume!Stun the crowd with this unique costume!Courtesy of Tony Aceves

Amelia Earhart Costume

This is a great Halloween costume idea because it's easy and easily recognizable. Amelia Earhart was a famous pilot and the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. The end of Earhart's life a well-known mystery, because at the age of 40 she ended up disappearing during a flight across the Pacific Ocean. You can probably find most of the things you need to make this costume work lying around your house or in a closet somewhere. It's a cool, comfortable look; you'll want a leather jacket, trousers, goggles, and perhaps a white scarf. 

Amelia Earhart's disappearance remains a mystery!Amelia Earhart's disappearance remains a mystery!Courtesy of yournewswire.com

Black and White Movie Costume

Like the comic book character costume, this particular look relies almost entirely on makeup to make it work. Prior to the mid-20th century, nearly all films could only be shot in black and white. The time period here is quite important - if you're going to try to imitate this look, you're going to want to go the extra mile and adopt a particular persona. You might think about looking up some images from movies made in the early 1900s for inspiration. Anyone can put this costume together, and it packs a big punch at parties! You'll really stand out in your black and white gear! 

A black and white costume will really stand out in a colourful crowd!A black and white costume will really stand out in a colourful crowd!Courtesy of shrimpsaladcircus.com

Remember, your costume is totally up to you. It really doesn't matter if other people are wearing it; it's the person behind the costume that makes it unique. Just keep in mind that you have loads of choice when it comes to a Halloween costume - you might be surprised at where you can find inspiration! 

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