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Top 5 Star Wars Video Games

Dec 02, 2015

With Star Wars: Battlefront out now and Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theaters in less than a month, Kidzworld thought it was time to update our Top 5 Star Wars games!

It was really hard narrowing it down to only 5 favorites, with so many great Star Wars games out there. Did your favorite make the list? Read on to find out!

#5) Shadows Of The Empire (1997)

The first Star Wars game to give us a great Battle Of Hoth levelShadows Of The Empire was a mixed bag overall, but when it shines, it shines bright. Awesome vehicular stages and appearances by Luke Skywalker and more in a story set between Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, all make for a great, original adventure set in the Star Wars universe.

This should be a movie!This should be a movie!Courtesy of LucasArts

The first great Battle Of Hoth Level.The first great Battle Of Hoth Level.Courtesy of LucasArts

Take on a AT-STas Dash Rendar!Take on a AT-STas Dash Rendar!Courtesy of LucasArts

#4) Dark Forces (1995)

More than just a Doom clone. Dark Forces ran on its own engine (The Jedi Engine) and actually innovated upon Doom in many ways. Dark Forces allowed you to look up and down and it featured multi-leveled buildings, both new to the genre. You play as Kyle Katarn, a mercenary hired by The Rebellion to secure the Death Star plans!

It's up to Kyle Katarn to steal the Death Star plans.It's up to Kyle Katarn to steal the Death Star plans.Courtesy of LucasArts

Take on Storm Troopers!Take on Storm Troopers!Courtesy of LucasArts

#3) Battlefront (2015)

Say what you will about its lack of content. But no other game has come close to nailing the feeling of actually being in a Star Wars battle from the films like EA and Dice's 2015 reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. The visuals, sound design and scale of the action in modes such as Walker Assault is simply put, phenomenal.

The most Star Wars-y Star Wars game out there!The most Star Wars-y Star Wars game out there!Courtesy of EA

Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Launch Trailer


#2) Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (2001)

A launch title for the Nintendo Gamecube, Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader still holds up today as one of the better Star Wars aerial combat games out there. Fly a wide assortment of classic ships. X-wings, Y-wings, Snow Speeders and more are all playable as you battle it out in all the flight combat scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy of films, including the classic Death Star trench run.

Still one of the best games on Gamecube.Still one of the best games on Gamecube.Courtesy of LucasArts

Take on The Empire in all sorts of awesome Star Wars ships.Take on The Empire in all sorts of awesome Star Wars ships.Courtesy of LucasArts

#1) Knights Of The Old Republic (2003)

What happens when the talented team at Bioware (Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age) get their hands on the Star Wars license? They churn out not only one of the best Star Wars games ever made, but also one of the best action RPG's, period.

Not to be mistaken with the current PC MMO (which is also pretty great), this version of Knights Of The Old Republic was an original Xbox exclusive. Choose to master powers from the dark side or the light and build your own light-saber! Luckily for gamers, you can now buy a great portable version of it for your iPhone/iPad.

A classic for good reason.A classic for good reason.Courtesy of LucasArts

Build your own light-saber in Knights Of The Old RepublicBuild your own light-saber in Knights Of The Old RepublicCourtesy of LucasArts

Honorabel Mentions

  • The Force Unleashed
  • Republic Commando
  • Tie-Fighter
  • Jedi Knight II: Outcast
  • LEGO: Star Wars Trilogy
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