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Lord of the Rings' Gollum vs. Kidzworld's Gary :: Ultimate Battle

Dec 27, 2006

Gollum is the creepiest of creepy critters from The Lord of the Rings movies The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. He's a bitter, angry, ugly, smelly and gross creature who's been warped by the One Ring for 500 years. Kidzworld's Gary is an orange, fuzzy dude who wishes he could play video games for 500 years without anyone bothering him. He's got a helmet for keeping up on the latest game news and gets a kick out of cool games and havin' fun.

Gollum's angry cuz he thinks that Gary is hiding his precious, the One Ring, under his helmet. He's gonna try to beat up the orange dude to steal his helmet. Check out these two competitors and hit the poll to let us know who you think is gonna win!

Is Gollum gonna stomp Gary and steal his helmet? Or can Gary triumph over the creepy critter from The Lord of the Rings?

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