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Norm Of The North Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jan 16, 2016
Rating: 2 Star Rating

Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of the animated film Norm of the North. Can a polar bear in New York save his arctic home?

By: Lynn Barker

In Norm of the North, too many tourists are coming to the arctic to snap photos of polar bear Norm (voice of Rob Schneider), the seals he has trouble hunting and more trouble eating, a stray Orca whale or two and a bunch of feisty, indestructible lemmings. When a shady land developer wants to build condos in the Arctic (huh?), Norm must stop him.

Norm goes into his danceNorm goes into his danceCourtesy of Lionsgate

Arctic Invasion

Polar bear Norm, who happens to be able to speak to humans, is too soft-hearted to eat the seals he catches and pals around with a bunch of little lemmings who do his bidding. Each year more and more human tourists visit his area to snap pictures and invade the pristine land. Some of the animals put on a show for them. Even Norm is talked into doing his crazy dance.

Norm is worried. Will they know he's a real bear?Norm is worried. Will they know he's a real bear?Courtesy of Lionsgate

Condo Plans

When big land developer Mr. Greene (voice of funny Ken Jeong) decides to build a bunch of condos on arctic land, he sends his marketing maven Vera (voice of Heather Graham) to make sure the right commercial is made. Norm and lemming pals try to stop the effort but this only results in Vera shooting video of Norm and sending it to her boss who thinks that “actor” in a polar bear suit needs to headline his campaign to sell the artic to condo buyers.

Evil Mr. Greene is excited about his condosEvil Mr. Greene is excited about his condosCourtesy of Lionsgate

To NYC to Save the Day!

Norm listens to his wise grandpa (voice of Colm Meaney) who tells him his job is to one day be king of the arctic and to save and protect his land so Norm stows away to NYC where he manages to land the job as the face of Greene’s campaign with the intent of getting really popular and then turning the tables on Greene by denouncing his plans for ruining the arctic. Norm and Vera’s smart, environmentally-conscious young daughter Olympia become buddies and she tries to help him. 

Olympia has dreams of a posh schoolOlympia has dreams of a posh schoolCourtesy of Lionsgate

A Secret Plot

Evil Mr. Greene has plans to buy off the “Polar Council”, a government body approving land development in the arctic. When Norm and his lemming buddies prove this to the group of investors for the project, they back out and vow to help Norm to publicly denounce Greene and save his land. Will Norm succeed? Will Vera see the light and stop working for Greene? Will Olympia get into the school for genius kids as she desires?

Norm Of The North Trailer


Wrapping Up

Although the lemmings are cute even if they fart way too much and Norm the bear is sweet enough, Norm of the North has a way too complicated and “adult” storyline about a crooked land developer bribing government officials and a wacky plot about selling condos in the icy depths of the arctic. What?

Norm and lemmings strut their stuff in NYCNorm and lemmings strut their stuff in NYCCourtesy of Lionsgate

Instead of tackling the real problems polar bears and their animal friends face; global warming melting their habitat, pollution from oil drilling etc. the filmmakers make up something about there being too many tourists visiting the arctic and too many real estate developers trying to build there… again, huh?

Lemmings are cute but cluelessLemmings are cute but cluelessCourtesy of Lionsgate

This film was originally supposed to go direct to video and it should have. Even though marketer Vera learns her lesson and listens to her smart daughter, you never really grow to care about them. The story is all over the place with some scenes that make zero sense and the only real moral seems to be that kings should protect their land.

Olympia convinces her mom not to sell the arcticOlympia convinces her mom not to sell the arcticCourtesy of Lionsgate

Wait till this film comes out on video and then, watch on a boring afternoon. We can go only 2 stars. 

Norm Of The North Movie Rating:2

Norm Of The North is in theaters now!Norm Of The North is in theaters now!Courtesy of Lionsgate

Norm Of The North Official Clip “Lemmings”


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