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Watch Your Favorite Pokémon Do Battle In Pokkén Tournament

Mar 07, 2016

Pokkén Tournament releases March 18th​, 2016 for Wii U and Kidzworld will have a full review up on March 15th. In the meantime, we wanted to give all you Pokémon fans a little taste of what's in store.

We've put together 30 minutes of gameplay showcasing numerous characters in battle including Pikachu Libre, Lucario, Blaziken, Suicune, Braixen, Garchomp and more.

Pikachu VS Braixen - Pokkén Tournament  


Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game with some very unique gameplay. Battles have two distinct "phases". In the first phase, you have complete 360 degree control to run around the arena. Attack with projectiles from afar or dash in for a quick combo. The second phase treats the one-on-one fights more like a traditional 2D fighting game. The catch is you bounce back and forth between these two phases as the match goes on.

Lucario VS Garchomp - Pokkén Tournament


Suport Pokémon can be called in to aid you in battle, providing attack or defense perks and not only that, but each playable Pokémon in the game can be leveled up as well. After each match, you can award skill points to one of four slots. Strength, Defense, Synergy and Strategy. Synergy is what is used to give your Pokémon some extra powerful capabilities.

Blaziken VS Suicune - Pokkén Tournament


That's all we can say for now! There is a lot more to the gameplay and we'll be breaking it all down in detail in Kidzworld's official Pokkén Tournament review. So make sure to keep an eye out for it on March 15th to find out if this is a fighting game worthy of being in your collection.

Pikachu Libre - Green League - Pokkén Tournament


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