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EA Drops A New Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer

Apr 15, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Standby for a Sequel

After months of rumors, leaks, and tweets, Titanfall 2 is officially on its way. A brief teaser trailer was shown off today ending with a date that suggests an E3 showcase. Though the trailer itself is understandably brief there is a lot to take from it.  

Opening up with some accented voiceover we get to have our first look into a character that will accompany the new single player campaign that was absent from the original game's release. The addition of a campaign could be a big deal as Titanfall had a drastic drop off of players following its launch and anything to add to what was commonly received as a pretty bare bones game would be a welcome addition to the franchise.

The first Titanfall was one of the most hyped games in memory. Hopefully the player base sticks around this time.The first Titanfall was one of the most hyped games in memory. Hopefully the player base sticks around this time.Courtesy of IGN

One of the most exciting things, though already confirmed, is the inclusion of PlayStation in the conversation this time. The original Titanfall was a PC and Xbox exclusive title and kept many PlayStation owners jealous. Seeing the trailer posted on the official YouTube page of PlayStation and shared on their Twitter is definitely an exciting feeling for anyone owning a Sony console.

Nothing is confirmed at the moment but it wouldn't be too crazy to assume that last gen consoles - i.e. PS3 and 360 - wouldn't be involved this time around. If this game wants to stand tall graphically amongst its competitors it'll need to stick to current gen and kick last gen to the curb. The first game also ran on Valve's Source engine, which was even dated during its first release, an upgrade to Source 2 would be a welcome addition. 

Titanfall 2 - Teaser Trailer


The inclusion of a sword wielding titan is enough to get any fan excited but what has many people interested is that date of June 12th. To the uninformed, that's the day that kicks off E3 with several press conferences streaming live all day. The "worldwide reveal" promised at the end of the trailer will more than likely be showcased at one of these conferences. The first Titanfall had a showcase at both EA and Microsoft's shows. With a release on multiple platforms, could we see Titanfall 2 at 3 conferences in one day?

My thought is that this will be used to promote EA's new EA Play, which is pretty much an anti-E3. EA plans to have it's own small convention right across the street from E3 and offer its own selection of games. If EA Play's conference is starting out with a big hitter like Titanfall 2 things could get really interesting and E3 could be shaken up in a big way.

Titanfall 2 will have more single player content this time around.Titanfall 2 will have more single player content this time around.Courtesy of Engadget
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