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Shaun the Sheep The Farmers Llamas DVD Review

Reviewed by on Jun 14, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

In Shaun the Sheep The Farmer’s Llamas, we wonder if silly and sweet Shaun can be any more mischievous? Yes if he adds Llamas to his farmer/owner’s flock. Check out Kidzworld’s DVD review.

By: Lynn Barker

That silly and adorable Shaun the Sheep is the leader of his flock. Mostly, he leads them into trouble. Always open to new friends, Shaun connects with a group of llamas at a local fair. He makes sure the owner of Mossy Bottom Farm brings them home. What a disaster!

The llamas arrive at the farmThe llamas arrive at the farmCourtesy of Lionsgate

At the Fair

The farmer and his dog Bitzer bake a fancy cake for a baking competition at the local fair. Also attending is Shaun having stowed away for adventure as usual. Also at the fair are a Mayan man and his three goofy-looking llamas which he mesmerizes into docility by playing Mayan pan pipes. The llamas are up for sale. Fascinated by them, Shaun tricks the farmer into bidding for them. Once he is stuck with them, they go wild and not only trash the farmer’s cake but wreck most of the fair.

Farmer and Bitzer are invaded by llamasFarmer and Bitzer are invaded by llamasCourtesy of Lionsgate

Later, at the Farm

Once at Mossy Bottom farm, the trouble-making, destructive llamas trash everything, take over the sheep beds in the barn and finally move into the house. When Shaun realizes he must get rid of them, they corner him on the roof. Will Shaun and flock be able to get the llamas back to their original owner or stick someone new with them?

You also get two extra 15-minute TV “Shaun” episodes that are clever and cute: “Cheetah Cheater” in which the farmer’s cat goes “wild” and fancies himself a mighty hunter and “Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti” featuring some of the farmer’s ducks who get enough soot on them to appear to have zebra stripes.

Shaun and llamas go 4-wheelingShaun and llamas go 4-wheelingCourtesy of Lionsgate

Special Extra Features

  • In Meet the Llamas, we learn their names and personalities and the model makers and director show us the puppets and how they are moved, etc. Adorable.
  • The Director’s Perspective shows us the sets and the puppets being moved on them. A nice look at how stop motion animation is done.
  • In Behind the Fleece, we are shown through Aardman Studios in detail. We see how each department works together to produce a Shaun (and other) films and TV. Covered are model making, the art department, rigging (rigs that help the animators move the puppets), animation and story and editing.  Really super good break-down of how this whole stop-motion animation thing works.

Wrapping Up

This adorable Shaun the Sheep story is a new television special now on DVD and well worth a take-home. The feisty warmth of this little “always-up-for-an-adventure” sheep is heart-warming and entertaining. The filmmakers who make Shaun movies and TV episodes are dedicated artists. This DVD contains some cool extras that show you how this is done. It is also fun to get two extra short episodes that are really entertaining.

Pan pipes make llamas controllablePan pipes make llamas controllableCourtesy of Lionsgate

Stop-motion animation may not be impressive to you. It is a slow, tedious and meticulous process but, done right, it can be charming. Shaun the Sheep the Farmer’s Llamas showcases some of the best of the process with a charming story and characters as well. We go five stars. 

Shaun the Sheep The Farmers Llamas DVD Rating:5

Shaun the Sheep The Farmers Llamas DVD CoverShaun the Sheep The Farmers Llamas DVD CoverCourtesy of Lionsgate

Shaun the Sheep The Farmers Llamas is now available!

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