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No Man's Sky Goes Gold

Jul 14, 2016

By: Max Cannon

No Man's Sky has officially gone gold. In the games industry, to go gold means to have finished development and have your game printed onto a disc. So that can be interpreted as: No Man's Sky's development is finished and the game is ready to be released. 

An Endless Space To Explore

"Innovative" and "ambitious" are words that are seemingly attached to every major game release. Creating one of the biggest releases of the year puts a lot of pressure on the small team over at Hello Games. From their humble beginnings working on Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, the team has grown both in size and ambition.  Hello Games seems to be reaching for those lofty titles, and fairly so. No Man's Sky is a space exploration game set in a nearly infinite world. Set in a near-infinite, online universe you'll journey to the center of the universe. You'll fly ships, set foot on unexplored planets, and fight space pirates.

A massive space battle above one of the randomly generated worlds.A massive space battle above one of the randomly generated worlds.Courtesy of Hello Games

Similar to games like Minecraft or Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky is procedurally generated - meaning that the entire world is randomly created - but unlike those aforementioned games your generated world will be saved and remembered. Though the game is an online, connected experience you won't be able to pair up with your friends and explore together, yet, according to Hello Games' founder Sean Murray. 

Many have speculated that No Man's Sky could be the perfect game for virtual reality, and though it's releasing before the launch of PlayStation VR, it could have added support later in the release. Though Murray hasn't acknowledged that VR is an option, he has mentioned that the possibility seems really cool, probably keeping himself a secret that is waiting until release. Check out the game's new trailer below.

No Man's Sky - EXPLORE Trailer | PS4

You wouldn't be crazy to presume that a game like this would take up a lot of disc space, however, seeing as the game is randomly generated by algorithms, much of that space is taken up by audio files. The game comes to a measly 6 gigabytes, which is insanely small in today's world of 50+ gigabyte games. 

Hello Games' technical marvel, No Man's Sky, releases in just a couple of weeks on August 9th, 2016 on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

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