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New Pokémon and Competitions

Jun 19, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Though Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, we can't forget there's another Pokémon game on the horizon. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are the next main games in the series to hit Nintendo handhelds, and on November 18, 2016 the games will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Though many of the games in this beloved franchise have often been criticized for a lack of innovation the recent switch to 3D seemed to give the series the shot in arm it needed. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon plan to keep the innovation going by adding battling amongst friends. Fighting your friends in close proximity via the Live Competitions and anyone across the globe by using the Online Competitions.

Check out the new trailer below!


Gotta Catch Even More

Nintendo has also announced even more Pokémon to appear in the upcoming games. Check them out and their descriptions below, courtesy of The Pokémon Company.


Type: Bug/Water

Wimpod is the Turn Tail Pokémon. This Pokémon is a cowardly scavenger that eats or stores anything that’s been dropped in the sea meaning it is highly valued across the Alola region as a cleaner of the sea. Wimpod has the new Ability Wimp Out which causes this Pokémon to run away or swap out for another Pokémon when its HP drops below half in battle.

Wimpod is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.WimpodCourtesy of The Pokémon Company


Type: Grass

Bounsweet is the Fruit Pokémon which gives off a delicious aroma. This aroma has a calming effect on humans, so many people across Alola let them live inside their homes as an air freshener.

Bounsweet is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.BounsweetCourtesy of The Pokémon Company


Type: Fairy

The Posey Picker Pokémon Comfey picks flowers which it carries around with it. Comfey uses its soothing aroma to help treat people and Pokémon at Pokémon Centers and hospitals.

Comfrey is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.ComfreyCourtesy of The Pokémon Company


Type: Ground

Mudslade is the Draft Horse Pokémon with incredible power and stamina. Its legs are coated in a protective mud and its kick can destroy a car in a single blow. Mudslade has the Ability Stamina, a new Ability which raises a Pokémon’s Defense by one when hit by an attack.

Mudsdale is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.MudsdaleCourtesy of The Pokémon Company


Type: Normal/Fighting

Bewear is the Strong Arm Pokémon that must never be approached carelessly. With its strong and highly developed arms and legs, Bewear loves to give crushing bear hugs that will split anything in two.

Bewear is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.BewearCourtesy of The Pokémon Company


Type: Ghost/Fairy

As the Disguised Pokémon, Mimikyu lives its life constantly covered by its cloth. Mimikyu’s Disguise Ability allows it to escape danger from an enemy’s attack once, then its appearance changes.

Mimikyu is a new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon.MimikyuCourtesy of The Pokémon Company
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