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When Can You Play The New PlayStation?

Aug 31, 2016

By: Max Cannon

If you've been holding off on picking up a PlayStation 4 I'd strongly strongly suggest waiting just a little bit longer. Sony has sent out invitations to select members of the press to attend a PlayStation event in New York City on September 7th. With the impending release of PlayStation VR on October 13th, a new model of the PlayStation 4 is expected at this point in the generation but could we see more than one model?

PlaySlimmer 4

Every model of PlayStation has released a slimmer model of their original console, all the way back to the PS1, these are smaller, cheaper, and could give or take a feature of the first model. Recently several videos have leaked out revealing the PlayStation 4 slim model and its packaging. It's assumed that this console will launch on September 7th, the day of the PlayStation meeting.

Sony has yet to confirm the console's existence but the video evidence already does that for us. The UI is identical to our current edition of PS4 and boots up similarly, aside from size there are 3 notable differences though.

The back of the PS4 Slim.The back of the PS4 Slim.Courtesy of Game Informer

The first major difference is in the wireless card. We don't know the exact specifications but it'll allow for 5 ghz WiFi as opposed to the standard 2.4 ghz, that won't mean a lot to most people but it could indicate that some more changes have been made to speed up our downloads. The second big change isn't exactly a welcome one, the Slim model doesn't have an optical port. These ports are typically used for high quality audio in everything from sound bars to headsets. The third big change comes to the controller, and while we once again don't know the official details, we can see a subtle change. A small light bar has been added to the front of controller just near the touch pad - many speculate that we can see improved battery life on the controller but we'll have to wait and see for an official answer.

Need That Neo

Kidzworld has mentioned the rumored 4K model of the PlayStation several times, but it seems like we may finally get our answer on September 7th. The console is rumored to be a significant power boost compared to the PS4 we have now and should be releasing within the next year. Initially we had assumed the console would release in 2016, but the announcement of Xbox's Project Scorpio seems to have pushed it back slightly. We won't have any concrete answers until September 7th, assuming we don't have more product leaks. 

A 2017 release of the Neo wouldn't be fantastic for Sony as that would leave the 4K market completely open to Microsoft for the Xbox One S which is currently the cheapest 4K player and the only 4K capable gaming console. With its low point of entry you'd be getting a weaker console by choosing the PlayStation 4 Slim over the Xbox One S.

Which will dominate the 4K market, the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?Which will dominate the 4K market, the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?Courtesy of The Sports Daily
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